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NameTrooper Shooter
Package Namecom.pocket.shooter
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
MOD FeaturesFree Rewards
RequiresAndroid 5.0

This game is combined with many styles from a freestyle gangster-style shooter to a pocket shooter. That’s why you can talk about Trooper Shooter MOD APK in many different names. Play now and you will be engrossed in lots of one-on-one combats with fun and excitement.

Introduce about Trooper Shooter

Command your little soldiers and lead them to victory at any cost!


The game is set during the wage war in Mexico, where spontaneous gangs emerged, bombarded everywhere, and linked together to put pressure on the authorities. Nevertheless, all is just a “background”, a reason created by the manufacturer to make it easy for players to “get in”. In fact, Trooper Shooter has almost no development in terms of plot, as well as character’s life story.

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Due to that, the mission system in Trooper Shooter is quite simple. Most are just encapsulated in fighting with teammates to destroy all enemy gunners. Specifically, you will command small soldiers and lead the team to victory at all costs.

Stressful but interesting shooter

Trooper Shooter, from Azur Interactive Games Limited, is an army-style FPS shooter.

It may sound serious, but Trooper Shooter has cartoon graphics. The perspective together with space, map in the game are bright and colorful. This helps the process of shooting experience be so high in a quite “naughty boy” style. The figures with hats on their heads like hip-hop people, guns in hands like fake toys, and dancing feet were both funny and exciting.

The background music of each scene is quite cheerful. In battles, the sound is lively like epic shooters. You can hear bullets ringing everywhere, the battlefield is messy with the sound of footsteps from all directions. Although not too tense, the fast progression of the game along with the significant effects from the sound will make your heart flutter.

Rough and messy soldiers

In other 3D shooting games, we will witness a neat and tactical squad. Whether hidden or face-to-face, each person is a combat hero. Unlike that, in Trooper Shooter, the troops in front of you always look ridiculous and messy just like a spontaneous gang.

Fortunately, these soldiers were all equipped with a decent collection of weapons and equipment. Despite not having a well-rounded appearance or a profound strategy, they were always in high spirit and devoted themself completely for the fight with any other guys in Trooper Shooter. I highly appreciated!

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That is the main force behind the game leading to fast speed and pacing. PvP battles with teammates who are experienced veterans also become much more expecting.


Each scene will have two teams (our side and the enemy side) marked by different colored circles on top of soldiers and different colored blood columns. You will take turns with your teammates to kill until the end of the enemy.

The operation in Trooper Shooter is quite simple like other pocket games. On the left is the move button, on the right is the close or long-range combat weapons, in the middle is the number of bullets. At the top of the screen is the statistics of the number of enemies killed and the number of enemies alive. The middle right corner is some specific skills such as camouflage, stealth. These skills when accumulated enough gold and paper money will be able to upgrade. But each use will take a long cooldown, so it should only be used in tricky situations.

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During the game, depending on the number of enemies you shoot down, you will gradually be upgraded. Upgrade soldiers, equipment, weapons, armor, and even specific skills (like I mentioned above). You will actively choose which soldier to upgrade, which equipment to add in order to suit each upcoming battle in the best way. The goal is to create an epic army with many soldiers, many skills, abundant weapons of all types.

Each type of soldier in Trooper Shooter will also have different skills. Some are only capable of fighting from a distance by shooting, some can use both melee knives and guns, others have many unique skills with dense usage frequency and shorter cooldown. Depending on the map situation and the distribution of forces, you will choose which soldier to control mainly. Besides, think carefully to upgrade the most reasonable soldiers.

MOD APK version of Trooper Shooter

MOD feature

Free Rewards


You can get rewards without watching ads.

Download Trooper Shooter MOD APK for Android

This team-based FPS shooter is full of excitement and comfort. If you have time, you should try it out. Invite friends to play together for fun at home.

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