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NameTroll Face Quest: Horror
PublisherSpil Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Troll Face Quest: Horror MOD APK is a collection of 1001 most classic horror situations from all aspects such as cinema, novels, games, fairy tales, anecdotes… In the game, you must find a way to solve the scary situations where you are threatened to pass the game screen.

Introduce about Troll Face Quest: Horror

From being trolled to trolling others, are you ready to play this crazy difficult puzzle game?

Do you like watching horror movies? Have you ever had a heart attack because of the scary jump-scares in famous horror movies? Have you ever played a game that is both scary and funny? Let’s try playing Troll Face Quest: Horror with me!


Reportedly, Troll Face Quest: Horror is inspired by a series of stories, novels, movies, video games, and many horror classics in human culture. All of them are put here in the form of super short and crazy puzzles happening in extremely fast time.

Is Troll Face Quest: Is Horror fun? Absolutely fun! Does it surprise you? Absolutely yes! Is it easy to control? Super easy! But is it easy to win? Well, no, not at all. It’s been a long time since I’ve played such a difficult puzzle game. It is not difficult in the way that forces you to think logically and then observe. It’s difficult like you have to know the horror story behind each of those puzzles, and then understand the details, to know which makes viewers/ players cry and scream with obsession. Well, this is the secret to winning quickly when playing Troll Face Quest: Horror.

For example, anyone who’s seen Prometheus can’t help but dream that the main character had an alien fetus in her body, and then she lay down on the bed and slit her own belly to get that monster and kill it. But it was too late. Oh my god, that scene was just too terrifying. Not only me but many others could think so. In Troll Face Quest: Horror, there is always a puzzle related to this, but slightly modified.

There was an Alien standing next to the bed and tapping on the belly of the person lying there. If you do nothing or react in the wrong way, a monster in your stomach just like the mini version of such an alien will slit your belly and crawl out, and you will die. Fail! But if you stand up, knock back on the Alien’s belly, then after a few touches, the mini-Alien will slit the big Alien’s belly to get out, and that monster will die. And you pass to a new level.

In the quiz about Frankenstein, he’s tied up and glaring at you (he can be the savant who created this pitiful monster). If you stay quiet and do nothing, he will break your chains and strangle you. Fail! If you want to win this round, you must quickly touch the black button on the back of Frankenstein’s neck. Instantly, like a balloon with a deflated button, he will die, and you are safe. Like in the story, when he finished Frankenstein, he had to inject some medicine into the back of its neck before it could start living.

But the most logical thinking does not always work in this game. You have to use what you know about that horror story and observe more to come up with a solution.

You can press the Hint button at the top of the screen. A text dialogue will appear suggesting where to touch to stop the monster in front of you. It looks so simple, but once you play it, maybe you have to click Hint continuously to see it.

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound have nothing to criticize. Although it is only a 2D hand-drawn image, it is extremely meticulous. The game developer has watched a lot of classic horror movies to draw these details, then assemble them with quite difficult gameplay in the form of puzzles. Overall, the game is very reasonable, attractive, and very geeky.

The sound is a very commendable thing in Troll Face Quest: Horror. Goosebumps, chills, thrills, you’ll get enough of these feelings. You will even get angry when losing. The sound effects integrated into the progression of the short puzzle, especially when the monster/ghost jumps on you, are even more horrifying. YOU MUST TURN ON THE SOUND when playing Troll Face Quest: Horror!

MOD APK version of Troll Face Quest: Horror

MOD feature

Unlimited Hints

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It is a great horror puzzle game that is so hard to describe. Only by playing it, you can feel it directly. Here you have the opportunity to test your intelligence and superhuman memory around famous horror movies and novels. What are you waiting for without downloading Troll Face Quest: Horror to play right here?

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