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Troll Face Quest: Classic APK + MOD (Unlimited Hints) v22.5.1

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NameTroll Face Quest: Classic
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints

Troll Face Quest: Classic MOD APK is one of the rare comedy games that don’t need sublime graphics but still make players jump from one emotion to another, and their minds are never peaceful even for a moment. Let’s see how amazing it is!

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Introduce about Troll Face Quest: Classic

No matter what you think, you will lose!

Life can’t be without jokes

Life gives us many unexpected arts. Interestingly, Trolling is an art and the person who trolls another is an artist. Prank someone in many ways and have fun together.

Troll Face Quest Classic for Android

If one day, you think your life is too boring, this life is too normal, then it’s time for you to make something new with unexpected trolls. Of course, you must have experienced Trolling in real life with your “evil friends”. But have you ever experienced it at the peak of the peak in games? If not yet, Troll Face Quest: Classic is here for you.

Another puzzle game

In my opinion, Troll Face Quest: Classic is the most complete and strange game in the whole Troll Face Quest series.

Troll Face Quest: Classic has many levels and different requirements at each level. Roughly, your common task is to solve all the puzzles given. BUT you must weirdly solve them. Sometimes they even make no sense and do not seem to have anything to do with the situation at hand. Are they enough of a Troll?

Well, let’s not talk about the operation part, okay? It’s just about touching and dragging the screen based on the information on it. You are free!

No matter what you do (right or wrong, serious or joking) to solve the puzzles, in the end, what you get is sometimes just a perverted meme accompanied by a laugh from the game.

How to solve the puzzles? If you still think Troll Face Quest: Classic is a proper puzzle game that requires logic and a smart mind, then ignore it. This weird game doesn’t have any logical or principled solution. Think like a child, answer like a crazy person and act like a freak.

Let me give you some examples…

Q: How to catch all the birds on the wire at once, without hurting them?

A: Take out the camera to take a photo of them.

Q: (picture shows a big tank standing by the bridge) How to cross that little wooden bridge without breaking it?

A: Get off the tank and walk.

Q: How can the ship on the sea not hit the iceberg without stopping the ship?

A: Shout out so the iceberg will dodge.

LOL. Is it enough for you guys to understand how a troll is?

All kinds of questions, odd situations here are what a normal person can hardly think of. Let me express my admiration for the game content team.

The end is that no matter what you do and no matter how much you think about it, 90% of you will fall into the hole. There are answers that when you finish reading, you just want to bang your head against the wall or, lighter, throw your phone thousands of miles away so that you can no longer see that tantalizing troll meme face. They can be too absurd and monstrous. But we cannot say those answers are wrong because it’s obvious that the answer is also correct (yeah, with the criteria of an abnormal person, haha). 

Troll Face Quest Classic APK download

Troll Face Quest: Classic also gives you some side quests like finding hidden objects. Winning these side quests will help open up other equally attractive additional levels. This part is also pretty good, and of course, there are also those angry-looking troll faces.

The only regret is that the number of questions is not very big. And you will not want to try again because the answers to those questions are revealed. Hopefully soon, the manufacturer will release a set of hundreds of Q&A trolls. And so, we will be free to play!

Graphics and sound

It just offers 2D graphics with pictures, background colors, text, and a few familiar memes for fun. But the game indeed knows how to moderate those things. The layout is set reasonably so that the player does not feel forced, or too bored. Everything is very comfortable, orderly, and sophisticated. Of course, hidden in it is always the perverted laughter of those obnoxious faces.

Troll Face Quest Classic MOD by APKMODY

The sound is quite monotonous. But if you just need high-level funny entertainment in the thinking part, this drawback can also be ignored.

MOD APK version of Troll Face Quest: Classic

MOD feature

Unlimited Hints

Download Troll Face Quest: Classic APK & MOD for Android

Troll Face Quest: Classic is a funny game that will challenge your brains to see who has more unusual thoughts. If you think you have enough skills to fight with the editorial team of Troll Face Quest: Classic, try it out! 

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