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In addition to the phenomenon of Getting Over It, which has woken up the gaming community, it took months for another game to take over. And the name that changed the game’s rankings is called TrapAdventure 2, an interesting Android/iOS game. With classic pixel graphics, gameplay is similar to Super Mario but challenges the patience of any gamer; this game will surely make you unable to take your eyes off.

A very hard version of Mario

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Based on the legendary Mario game, the mysterious developer called HIROYOSHI OSHIBA has built this exciting game. Although the company has also released TrapAdventure before, and the idea is not new anymore, but the special features that make this game so attractive are due to its extreme difficulty.

Your task

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When you enter TrapAdventure 2, you will transform into a little knight with the task of overcoming all the obstacles in the game and find the way to the palace where the princess was detained. No more dancing old. Now, waiting for you is a series of constant and unexpected traps that you can not easily overcome. These pitfalls are really annoying, unexpected and inhibiting to any player.

Easy control operation

The controls in the game are pretty basic. You will easily get used to participating in this game. How easy to control, the pitfalls in the game is difficult to overcome. The only way you can get through each trap is to try again and again and remember where you left off.

  • Press the left-hand key to control the characters backwards or forwards
  • Press ! To control the character sitting down
  • Press !! To control the character jump
  • Press the P key to pause the game
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Regarding design, this game builds on the classic pixel graphics and is extremely familiar. There is not much to say about its graphics, so I’ll be able to keep track of the pitfalls in the game. From the first game it’s hard, the more you play the game, the harder it gets, and it requires you to be patient, so you can continue to the next level.

Will you play TrapAdventure 2?

In my opinion, TrapAdventure 2 APK / IPA Full is a top-of-the-range retro game. Pitfalls are continuous and unpredictable. I try to let my friend play this game; there are two trends: one is trying to play to the end, two is to give up immediately.

Note that you can unlock the full version of this game for only $ 0.99. If you are not patient enough, you can watch this entire game through the following video:

What kind of person are you? Will you try to overcome the super tough challenges in the game, or give up like other players? Please let me know your options, or simply download this game on the machine to prove your super peak capabilities. TrapAdventure 2 is available for download for Android (APK), iPhone and iPad via the links below.

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