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Townsmen Premium APK + MOD (Unlimited Gold/Crowns) v1.14.5

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NameTownsmen Premium
Package Namecom.hg.townsmen7
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Crowns
PriceFREE $0.99
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Would you like to explore medieval life and build a great Renaissance city on your own? The MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Townsmen Premium will help you build your city easily.

Introduce about Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium is an upgraded version with more attractive features than the previous Townsmen games. Developed by Handy Games, the publisher is known for such games as Gun’n’Glory, This Is The Police 2, … this game belongs to the category of simulation games with management elements. Experience the game, you are taken to a beautiful land of the Middle Ages, where you will build a rich and prosperous city.


Townsmen Premium is an interesting strategy and management game. There, you have to create a big city starting out of a remote small town. To do this, you have to look for places to mine metal ores and land to build farms. Collecting by mining and harvesting the farm will bring you gold, which helps you pay for everything. From the money you make, you can expand your production by building more farms and gardens. In addition, build more high-rise buildings, amusement parks, markets, pubs… and help your city become bustling. From there, people will come to your city more and more.

As the city grows, residents have more jobs, such as trading, transporting or working as a pub worker. By collecting taxes from people, you will have more money to open up many other categories. However, life does not take place peacefully and happily. Townsmen Premium has many hidden dangers for its people and their lives. There are always bandits hiding in the surrounding areas that can disrupt the peace of town at any time. In addition, natural disasters such as floods, blizzards, and droughts can threaten crops and create dangerous diseases. As a leader, you must have good strategies to protect the people in the city.

Protect your city

In the face of threats that threaten the peace of the city, you must find many ways to protect the safety of the people. With the potential threat of bandits, you have to build many military barracks with powerful soldiers. Recruit powerful and brave soldiers, and place many watchtowers to protect the safety of the people.

Besides, the city always faces the risk of being devastated by natural disasters due to the weather. With weather effects and realistic seasons, in addition to the rainy days, the city has to cope with many natural disasters such as floods, droughts, snowstorms. This is followed by a series of risks of food shortages, epidemics… Therefore, before a natural disaster occurs, you must take preventive measures such as storing crops in food storage, building a lot of hospitals. In particular, the houses must be built firmly to face the weather. In Townsmen Premium, you are a king. So make sure a full and happy life for your people.

Collect taxes and exploit resources

Track and collect taxes from businesses in the city. From there, it expanded into more towns with magnificent houses and constructions. There are dozens of different types of houses to build. More specifically, there are countless scenes in this game including magnificent castles, great monuments, bridges spanning the poetic river… Imagine yourself living in that city, surely you also feel happy.

Besides building and monitoring the lives of people in the city, there is a system of challenging tasks every day for you. Quests like harvesting crops for a certain amount of money, or constructing buildings … are daily tasks you must perform. It can be said that with Townsmen Premium, every day with you will be a busy but full of joy.


Townsmen Premium has the realistic 3D graphics simulating the life of a medieval city. All activities are illustrated most clearly from trading to fighting in the army, even weddings also appear in the game. Besides, the scenery is extremely diverse and colorful with 4 seasons in a year and perfect weather. In particular, people with funny shapes make you more excited. Combined with the dynamically changing background music, this game gives you the feeling of watching classic 90s movies.

MOD APK version of Townsmen Premium

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Crown and Gold are the two currencies of Townsmen Premium, of which, Crown is a high-end currency. The MOD version of APKMODY will solve all your financial problems in this game. Specifically, the MOD version will give you 1 000 000 Gold and 1 000 000 Crowns.

Download Townsmen Premium MOD APK for Android

There are many city-building simulation games, but finding a game that brings new experiences like Townsmen Premium is difficult. Everything attracted players gently and honestly. I believe that if you love living in this game, you will love your real life more. So don’t miss out on any exciting moments in Townsmen Premium!

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