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NameTouhou LostWord
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Touhou LostWord APK is a turn-based role-playing game combining Gacha from the publisher GOOD SMILE COMPANY. In the game, you play as one of the strong girls of the Forest of Magic, on the road with her friends on an extremely difficult task.

Introduce about Touhou LostWord

The battle of the Forest of Magic

The deep storyline

Touhou LostWord is one of the RPG games that combine Gacha with a storyline.

A girl wakes up in the Forest of Magic, not remembering who she is, what she’s doing, why she’s here, in general, all her memories are lost. The only thing the girl has in her hand is a strange diary capable of recording everything its owner has experienced. After being confused for a while, she decided to talk to Reimu, who introduced himself as having a duty to protect her. And after a few more things, she finally learned some useful clues: she emerged from a blue crystal in the shape of a cube, known as the “sealing crystal”. And there’s not just her, scattered here are some other crystals of unknown origin and what’s inside.

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The mission of the three main heroines (Gensokyo. Reimu and Marisa) of the Forest of Magic is to find as many sealing crystals as possible to prevent sudden explosions of the forest. Then they need to find a way to bring new girls from sealing crystals to home safely. On the way to the mission, our three heroic girls will face countless hidden enemies trying all ways to prevent their work. The battle begins here.

Beautiful and cute heroines

Similar to modern mobile role-playing games, Touhou LostWord is also a popular turn-based RPG. You will choose a character, a scene to play and each member of the party will sequentially have a turn to show off their talents, together with teammates fighting against the enemy. Interspersing between battles, you can also keep track of the details and developments related to the game’s plot.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the three main characters, Reimu Hakurei (Lady of the Temple of the Sun), Marisa Kirisame (Mage of the Forest of Magic), and Gensokyo (Strong Warrior of the Forest). Through accumulated points or Gacha rounds, you will unlock many other cool characters such as Yukari Yakumo, Youmu Konpaku, Alice Margatroid, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Remilia Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge, Sakuya Izayoi… All are girls who are multi-talented, versatile, cute, and very lively and lovely.

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When you choose your character, you should also pay attention to Protective Shield and Power Attributes. The Protective Shield is something that will protect you from strong enemy attacks. The Power Attribute represents the attack ability and damage of each character. With the same principle of “no one is perfect” as in role-playing fighting games, these girls have their strengths and weaknesses. Each girl in Touhou LostWord, if has a strong fighter with high damage stats, her Protective Shield is almost nonexistent, and vice versa. If playing with other players, you can split the task so that one person attacks and the other defends. This will form a perfect circle to complete the task better.

Combat and the effect of Gacha mechanics

The combat part in Touhou LostWord is also quite impressive. You have a total of 8 types of opposing elements: the five elements + the sun + the moon and the stars, representing 8 different types of power. Using them alone or combining them can create a variety of other strange powers, the fun, therefore, lasts forever.

And remember that the enemy in the game will have many different levels. At the base level, they don’t have a clear form and just have the mid-range fighting ability, nothing special. But at higher levels, they will have a solid shape with a Protective Shield and also have a clear set of attributes. You can rely on this attribute data to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, thereby using weapons with more suitable elements to fight quickly and neatly.

The Gacha rotations in Touhou LostWord are also not too many. But the rewards you get are very good. You can even unlock some more powerful new characters for yourself. And remember not to miss any Gacha rounds since there will be some special scenes later in which the bosses can’t be defeated no matter how hard you try if you just use the normal character available. Only special strong women from Gacha’s reward can fight them. So, prepare yourself to play Gacha rotation hard!

The sound also brings quite a lot of inspiration

The game has “spices” that make it more interesting. For example, you can choose from several responses in a short dialogue. Not much and doesn’t affect the final result, but it does add a bit of fun. The “spice” is also on the character’s humor. Like there is a part where Miss A asks two girls B and C to jump to give her more power to kill the evil in front of her, but the two best friends refuse and choose to fight together, leaving friend A dumbfounded because of being rejected. Situations like this give a pure Gacha game like Touhou LostWord more space for the character.

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The voice acting is lively and cute. I’m playing it in Japanese, even though I don’t understand anything, hearing their exciting and happy voices makes me want to play the game right away. The background music between the scene has a tight connection like you are enjoying the performance of a talented DJ.

Download Touhou LostWord APK for Android

It is a beautiful game with a quite deep plot and fascinating details. In addition to the Gacha and combat role-playing, there is a lot of stuff to mull over, mix and explore. It is very worth trying! What are you waiting for without trying Touhou LostWord right away?

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