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NameTouch The Wall
Package Namecom.hnk.touchthewall
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

If you want to find a few of your childhood memories, let play Touch The Wall MOD APK (No Ads) – a new game of VOODOO.

About Touch The Wall

Indeed, Voodoo is not just a publisher with infinite and unique creations. Above all, they always understand the psychology of players and capture their aspirations. “What’s the time, Mr Wolf” is a game I played with my friends as a boy. It’s great when the game of childhood appeared in a VOODOO game. Simply put, everyone has a childhood full of memorable memories.


Touch The Wall is simply based on the “What’s the time, Mr Wolf” game. So perhaps it is not necessary to mention the rules of the game? However, the game is a bit more improved than the real version, so I have to remind you.

Touch The Wall Rules

As with normal rules, you just have to face the person facing the wall and have to run quickly to the finish line without being detected. If detected, you not be punished but instead, you are counted as losing. In addition, your goal is to become the first valid finisher with other players in the race. The bigger challenge is when you have to overcome countless obstacles on the way. This is a point that is probably new and more challenging than the real-life version.


Touch The Wall has the characteristics of a racing game and is more competitive than the version of the childhood we used to play. The goal is avoiding the light of the lamp. One thing worth mentioning is that you participate in the track as you participate in traffic with the signal lights. Every time the green light is on, you have the right to run and accelerate. You just need to hold the screen to stop and release to continue running. When the green light turns red, you have a 3-second countdown to stop if you don’t want to be caught by the supervisor and have to start over.

Touch The Wall Green Light

The supervisor’s eye is very clever because it looks like a scanner that can scan all players. That eye is a red light that covers the entire track and you have to stand still like a statue. After that, the red light focused on only one person. It is an opportunity for you to take advantage of it if you are not “stunned”. However, do not run too fast to fall into the trap of obstacles on the road. There are countless different obstacles that hinder you, so you need to keep calm and alert.

Be careful with obstacles

To reach the finish line is the wall, you must overcome many obstacles. There are many unpleasant obstacles such as balloons, cannons, falling rocks or boxing gloves, … Each of them must have a different way to avoid and overcome. There is no way to directly describe in words to you to understand their principles of operation. So play and find your own way. Look far away to see what is approaching and find out for yourself how to overcome it.

Touch The Wall Red Light

In each race, there are several checkpoint points. It works great. When you accidentally stumble or get caught by the supervisor instead of going back to the starting line, you will return to the nearest checkpoint you just passed. This saves quite a bit of time. Remember, running fast may not help you win. You need to be calm and sober. If you like the song “Run” best, don’t play this game if you don’t want to lose!

Effect of advertising

After a series of attractive parts of Voodoo, advertising is a constant worry of each player. However, in Touch The Wall, Voodoo cleverly created promotional videos for an unexpected effect. If you have experienced many failures in one game? Ignore them. People often say: “It’s too hard to ignore”, it’s not wrong. But how to win this game? Watch ads only. It takes about 30 seconds for such ads but believes me, it’s really worth it.

MOD version of Touch The Wall

MOD Features

No Ads: No Ads In-app package is bought.

Download Touch The Wall MOD APK for Android

Touch The Wall is simple, easy to play and not too difficult for players to overcome challenges. In addition to bringing a few childhood memories to you, when you experience the game, you really find it similar to everyday life. Each player has a different starting point, representing your living situation. Touching the finish line is like the success you are aiming for. It is not affected by the starting point but it depends on both the process of trying and seizing the opportunity. Thus, even if you depart far and later than other people, it doesn’t mean you reach the destination after them. So, I recommend you “Never give up”!

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