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Torchlight: Infinite APK is an action role-playing game in a sci-fi setting, where you will become the hero and enter uncompromising battles to defeat evil forces.

Introduce about Torchlight: Infinite

Become the hero to protect the sacred land!


The game sets in the era of Ember Technology, 200 years since the events of Torchlight II, now has been surrounded by lots of enemies who are all kinds of ferocious monsters. They come here with the hope of destroying all existing species of the land and expanding their dark forces. In the role of heroes of Torchlight in charge of saving the world’s safety, you will do your all to protect your sacred land.

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Heroes with their own skill trees

In Torchlight: Infinite there are up to 4 playable heroes. Each has its own 24 skill trees, equivalent to more than 180 skills that can be used in different battles. In addition to the four heroes from the beginning of this game, when you get to a certain level, new heroes will open up and give you new, more powerful skills.

When playing, you will see that the game is harmonized between monster battle role-playing and the action-adventure genre. In an open world filled with mystery and danger everywhere, you’ll need to fight and win constantly to give yourself new powers and skills.

The Free-to-play mechanism is also highly focused in Torchlight: Infinite. You can freely go around the map to collect items, find ways to boost your skills, and adventure to explore every corner of the land. It’s full of dark dungeons, threatening but also many random items and loot waiting.

Fierce unstoppable battles

At first, when the character is still at a basic level, everything is not too much. But just pass about the next 3-4 levels, you will see your hero will be different. Skills are now stronger, brighter, and have a wider range of damage. Sometimes in a dark dungeon, each skill you cast can light up a large corner of the screen. The feeling of chopping and slashing is even more exciting when you witness dozens of monsters surrounding you, after just one blow of yours, thrown to death, and leave a few valuable items as rewards for your hero.

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A support feature that surely every player will love in Torchlight: Infinite is the cooldown. You can do any attack based on your available skills and freely combine skills without having to wait for any cooldown. It also makes the waves of attacks rush, after each other, bringing extremely exciting emotions.

The evolving skill trees will bring extremely epic battles. You will be curious to continue to see how strong your character can be. This is also a lasting attraction of the game for any player.

Graphics and sound

The makers of Torchlight: Infinite have taken advantage of the amazing visual effects of state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 technology in Torchlight: Infinite. The fantasy world in the game is now full of openness and extremely vivid. Even the darkest dungeons are as clear as any fantastical scene. The view is from the top-down, so everything is a bit small but from heroes to monsters, is extremely clear and sharp. Each hero follows a color tone and a unique style, both the weapons and skills they have to follow that style of shaping, creating an extremely attractive and personal battle scene.

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It’s also impossible not to mention the intense fire and light effects in every battle of Torchlight: Infinite. The fierce battles in the game which are fully supported by an impressive sound system have created an overwhelming scene for players. Each move, each skill has its own light, spread, and sound effects.

Download Torchlight: Infinite APK for Android

In short, Torchlight: Infinite is a very marvelously compelling adventure game that has many unpredictable challenges and fierce unstoppable battles. If you’re a big fan of the Torchlight game, let download and play this game right away, it won’t let you down!

Currently, Torchlight: Infinite has not been released yet. We will update as soon as possible.

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