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NameTOP SEED Tennis
Package Namecom.gaminho.topseedtennis
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

There have been quite a lot of tennis games in both 3D and 2D graphics, but there are not many Tennis manager games. There’s a reason this genre is so deep and hard to do, you’ll understand if you play TOP SEED Tennis MOD APK.

Introduce about TOP SEED Tennis

Tennis game with 3D tennis courts, awesome power-ups, and custom sports management gameplay!

The role of the manager

TOP SEED Tennis is a sports game, specifically tennis, a sport originating from Europe, but the element is completely different from the previous games you have played. Because in the game you are not a tennis player anymore but a Tennis manager, a talented manager whose job is to find and train young players, let them experience, bring them to tournaments to practice with all the experience of competition, mental training, attitude, and skills. The ultimate goal is to help these new players become world-famous players.

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TOP SEED Tennis is considered an intellectual sports game. Not only do you have to be professional like a real tennis player, but you also have to take on the responsibility of a manager. Specifically, what would you do to become a true tennis manager?

What will you do?

You will carefully search, choose a talent to decide to invest your energy, money, and time. You will manage this promising young player’s career, step by step helping him to become a tennis champion, taking him to compete in professional tennis tournaments to increase his rank and experience.

The whole gameplay is a series of tactical decisions and quite nerve-wracking: choosing a strategy for your player in each match, training them in which way to fit each person’s development, how to make a mark in each tournament even though they may not be the champion in the first time.

You’ll start by following the career of a promising 16-year-old tennis player. You’ll take him to tournaments, from the Rookie to the legendary Grand Slams. You will try to train, choose suitable tactics to help this young player get high rankings in the first matches, thereby gaining momentum to reach the desired position of a professional tennis player.

Maybe for some people, directing during tennis matches is exciting, but for others, stabilizing tactics, brainstorming before entering the real match on the court is the exciting stage. If you are in group 2, you must play TOP SEED Tennis. This sports game not only helps you train in terms of technique, principle, and physicality when joining your players in tennis matches but also is a well-rounded table of mental and action rules and professional tactics.

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You will also have the opportunity to learn in-depth about famous tennis tactics such as hit the ball, defending the baseline, and ways to execute the serve. After that, you will experience how to realize those techniques most proficiently and professionally. Each technique needs to be considered carefully for similarities with each type of tennis court, in each game, and flexible to change depending on the opponent.

Turn potential players into top stars

TOP SEED Tennis has a lot of exciting tennis matches. Each match is quite fast, lasting only about a minute. In each match, you can choose an initial strategy and then combine many small sub-strategies, the aim is to defeat the opponent quickly and neatly within the time limit of each match.

By playing this game your freedom is almost infinite. You can build a career for the seed any way you want, customize the character, change the strategy, change the approach to the opponent, choose the attack method and choose the match you want to participate in for the character. With these free changes, the seed management system also changes and thereby produces different results.

The tennis player you are managing will be trained in all aspects and learn many different techniques to later apply in each strategy. The player’s skill system is also divided into two categories: attack and defense. You can freely adjust each skill in there and change the variable according to the opponent on the court to steer in the right direction for your player.

And when the time comes, your player has become too successful, you can hire professional staff, a team of doctors, psychologists, physical training experts… to support other factors to continue your job of finding new talent


The main game mode of TOP SEED Tennis is the Career mode. You will have access to various functions to do well and enhance your seed training role. You will start with matches against your equals, win and gradually upgrade your abilities, gain greater fame, get more sponsorships and start challenging the opponents around the world.

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Career mode is divided into two small forms, one is automatic control, the other is manual control. In automatic mode, you will help your player to use any skill that can win the match and the game time can be extended because these techniques will be carried out according to a certain process. As for manual control, you can freely move the character, use the skills at will within the time limit allowed (about one minute).

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MOD APK version of TOP SEED Tennis

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can exchange Gold to Cash in the Shop. Your Gold may be negative.

Download TOP SEED Tennis MOD APK for Android

The game is played and learned, both as a player and as a manager, “covering” all the skills needed by athletes and a range of skills of a senior tennis manager. What are you waiting for without playing this extremely deep sports game?

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