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Puzzle games are the game that you must be too familiar. There are dozens of games such as Candy Crush Saga, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Toon Blast, … are the most prominent games in the genre. Today, I would like to share with you the attractions of Toon Blast, one of the best puzzle games developed and released by Peak Game. I chose this game to judge because of the originality and creativity in match-3 gameplay with new graphics platform.

The plot is super creative

Born and raised in the wilderness, cat Cooper, bear Bruno, and wolf Wally have the same desire, to explore new lands. They go out to explore the world and the adventure begins, with the destination of human cities where they have never known. But challenges await them ahead, without warning. And the only chance to get rid of it is through it. In order to be able to conquer the human land, our three main characters have to go through many challenges and obstacles on the journey they have come to. The challenge is heightened as characters come to new ways and the curtain to the city of mankind is gradually revealed.

How to play Blast Toon?

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Taking on this journey, you will be playing as the animated characters like Cooper, Wally and Bruno super comedy and fun. Your task is to pass the match-3 puzzle, collect the same colored blocks according to the number of requests or also create the super combo to be able to overcome the difficult levels and solve puzzles over screenplay is also a daunting challenge that requires high levels of intellectual but does not inhibit the player, but the opposite brings unique and endless fun and laughter.

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To overcome the dramatic and thrilling challenges you need to have a lot of patience plus tactical thinking to be able to pass the levels. The colored blocks are randomly arranged not in a certain order, and the only task is to try to move the same colored boxes quickly so that they blend together to create the explosion and dissolve. Difficulty in the game also increases from time to time and requires you to focus high in every moment to be able to pass and come to the next level.


Unlike other similar games, Toon Blast is designed with sharp, true-to-life 3D graphics that bring unforgettable moments. There are many features in the game that will be unlocked after each challenge along with a variety of power-ups such as Whacky, Anvil, Hammer … You can connect with friends to fight together. Simplifies gameplay on your phone. Toon Blast also supports many languages so you can customize accordingly.

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Developers have improved graphics with a variety of harmonious color combinations and fun sounds from the characters in the game. Because the gameplay is very familiar, the operation is easy to bring the simplicity, smooth and strange to write deep into the player’s mind. Toon Blast is an online game, so you need to have an internet connection.

Should you play Toon Blast?

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Besides the highlights, one thing that disappoints me is that there is no map, and I will not be able to return to the finished level without achieving 3 stars.

But the answer is yes. Toon Blast is really worth the time spent with it. Toon Blast is currently available for Android and iOS with continuous updates. With more than 50 challenging levels, you will have unforgettable moments. So you should download games to your phone to experience an adventure right now!

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