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I think no games prominent than role-playing games, and the title of the game I will introduce to you below is no exception. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War APK is an exciting action role-playing game released by GameSamba Japan. The game is based on the Tokyo Ghoul animated series, which was published in 2014, and soon became the inspiration for many other publishers.

By developed in an attractive real-time RPG style combined with beautiful graphics, the game will immerse you in a colorful virtual world where the battles between good and evil have not yet stopped. If you’re passionate about action-packed games, the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is definitely a great choice.

Overview information

NameTokyo Ghoul: Dark War
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.3


The game is no different than the original story. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is set in the world in general and in Japan in particular. At a time, when strange creatures appeared on Earth called Ghoul. And humans were no longer at the head of the food chain, they became prey to these savage monsters. More dangerous, they also look like humans so easily blended into the human world. These monsters bring in scary bloodthirsty instincts, so even if they are recognized, it is difficult to survive or fight them.

Fortunately, the world still has an organization called CCG standing between humans and Ghouls. The head of the CCG, Ken Kaneki was also half-ghoul half after him from an ordinary student guy, suddenly his body was transformed. Run-away from the human, destroy the ghoul but just to hide his body. Can you help Ken finish his mission?

Dramatic gameplay

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War gameplay

As I said above, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a real-time Action RPG. Your task is to simply control the character of your choice, fight with monsters to survive and complete the task of the game. With a virtual keyboard mechanism that has become so familiar to fans of action-packed mobile action games, you can easily control your character moving, blasting and skill-building. Most do not take much time to get acquainted. Since your attack skills have the long count-down, especially the last skill, you must carefully calculate your combos to use the least amount of energy and use as few attacks as possible to destroy the entire monster. Incorporating magic moves also creates the beautiful combos, creating your own style.

Familiar characters & diverse equipment

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War characters

Character system of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is extremely diverse. I can see almost all the characters in the Tokyo Ghoul series are here. From the main character Ken Kaneki to the Touka Kirishima, the beautiful Rize Kamishiro … and nearly 50 other characters, all waiting for you to unlock. After each battle, you will collect the pieces. Accumulate multiple pieces to unlock your character in the game’s store system.

Besides, the development of the character of the game is equally multidimensional. Equipping, upgrading skills as well as unlocking the power of the open character will help you customize your character’s power as well as equip your character. Optimize the power to become increasingly powerful, winning all the enemies. In particular, you can also customize the appearance of the character.

Many attractive modes

My favorite spot in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is in the game modes. The first is the traditional mode, i.e. the battle mode according to the task to unlock the plot. You will be able to join in many of the places you are used to seeing the Tokyo Ghoul, such as the CCG lab, the dark streets of Tokyo or Anteiku, etc. You will be given lots of interesting secrets. You will complete the fun tasks of the game.

In particular, the attractive PvP mode will appeal to you the first time you play. You will be engaged in real-time battles with other players around the world, showing them the master skills you have as well as the power of your character in 1v1, 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs 5. When playing the 5vs.5 mode, I feel like playing a MOBA game. Also, you can invite close teammates to conquer difficult clones in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. A lot of Bosses are storing rare treasures waiting for you to conquer, which requires a combination of you and your teammates.

Graphics and design

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War skill

According to me, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War has relatively nice graphics, close to Manga, Anime Japan. Designed by 3D graphics, the neighborhoods of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War are very familiar to Anime fans like me. Character creation is also very cute, beautiful as in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Because it is designed in the third view, sometimes the fight is crowded, the continuous effects it is difficult to find where the character is standing, but that does not affect very much. The sound system of the game is also great, bringing the best experience for you.

Download Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War for Android

Although there are many Japanese Manga-style games in the world such as One Piece, Digimon or Pokemon, an interesting game like Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is not to be missed.

At present, although Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War has just been released in some countries, this game is still awaited by many gamers from all over the world. If you want to try this game right now, you can install it through Google Play or download the game’s APK file.

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