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NameTiny Battleground
Latest Version1.1.0.2
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 2.3.3, iOS 8.0
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When you read the name of the game, if you think that this is a miniature version of the current hit game PUBG is sure that you are wrong. It looks like the gameplay of this game will look a bit, but that is not significant because the game will have a lot of other great differences.

Not a PUBG clone

Tiny Battleground apk

Tiny Battleground is a highly addictive action-packed action game that takes players to the fierce battle in the LEGO world. The publisher 4399enGame has blown a new breath into the current gaming market, amidst the familiar action games we experience every day. Join us in discovering the special features of this game right in the review below.

Tiny Battleground 5

Not just a simple action role-playing game, Tiny Battleground is a combination of three extremely popular games at the moment, IO, MOBA and Survival. You may wonder: How can these three play together in the same game? The answer is quite possible with Tiny Battleground. First, in each battle, you must kill as many enemies as possible. Enemies are not just other players but also the AI bots of the game. Kill each target, you will accumulate a lot of energy for yourself to level up as well as increase power. Kill higher level opponents, the more energy you get.

Not only that, Tiny Battleground also brings all the players to a map like the game MOBA to you to fight hard, destroy each other. This place is full of caves, terrain as well as rivers to create the unique tactics that players create in each game. And finally, you are not allowed to die in this game because the last survivor will be the winner. Have you believed yourself?

Unique character system

Tiny Battleground 3

Tiny Battleground gives players a unique character class. Sure enough, before you go into the game you will be choosing one of the extremely interesting characters. The game has all sorts of characters, along with totally different powers. Basically, the Tiny Battleground’s character classes consist of Warriors, Sorcerers, Guns, Robots, Ninjas, etc. Each character has similar attack and defence stats. However, these indicators will grow differently as you get energy. You can even use your skills to transform into a giant fire dragon, sweeping everything on the map.

Tiny Battleground apk 2

In addition to Crystal Battle (main mode), Tiny Battleground also owns two extremely unique modes. The first is “Free for all”. If you like the “big fish swallow small fish” mode, then experience this mode. If not, you can try out in Survival mode. Here, the battlefield will not be normal anymore, but lava blocks are constantly emerging, narrowing down your combat range. Just moving to safe areas, fighting with other players fighting for life, sounds interesting?

When playing, you should notice the power of the monsters, avoid the encounter that leads to the situation unfairly. As you can see, the Virtual Keyboard of Tiny Battleground is quite simple, interacting well with players. You just use the left keys to move and the right keys to attack as well as use the skill. And do not forget to invite your friends together to fight in these fun modes to have fun moments.

Tiny Battleground 4

Simple graphics

Although it possesses 3D graphics, Tiny Battleground’s graphics are quite simple, not too detailed. Characters are shaped in 8-bit graphics, resembling Minecraft. Especially, the scenery as well as the creation of the game LEGO style fun, to help you get back to childhood through the exciting game.

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This game is really a fun combination between IO, MOBA and survival. If you want to experience a new sensation, download Tiny Battleground APK to join. However, since it is an action game, the game has a bit of a violent element, limiting the age of 12+ so you pay attention when downloading.

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  • Tiny Battleground for Android APK - v1.1.0.2

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