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NameTime Of The Dead
Package Namecom.storytaco.timeofthedead.choice.episode.otome
CategoryVisual Novel
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Do you want to change the environment a bit with the classic interactive novel game genre or simply boost your mood after too much work? If your answer is yes, then play Time Of The Dead MOD APK now!

Introduce about Time Of The Dead

Time Of The Dead is the kind of interactive story that so many people like on mobile. But not only that, there are 1001 things to say about this strange game.

The premise has never been in interactive novel games

Time Of The Dead revolves around the zombie theme. Now you will probably understand why I call this game strange.There are lots of zombie games from RPG to strategy, adventure, shooting… But so far there has not been a game novel that talks about this topic. Honestly it maybe difficult because zombies cannot talk. As you know, they are soulless, and you completely don’t expect a novel not containing any conversation. Besides, on many movies, zombies are mostly around fighting, grief, loss, or death. How can they be conveyed through the game novel without bringing a sense of sadness?

That’s just my personal opinion but it’s probably true in some parts.

That’s why when I first heard about Time Of The Dead, I was skeptical and curious. It made me find and download right away to see “How could they make it?”

After playing the game, i would say that it neither let me down nor wasted half a day glued to the screen.


Time Of The Dead opens a scene in the Joseon period where there was a zombie epidemic. Joseon, for those who don’t know, was the old Korea during the time when it was ruled by the Ming Dynasty. This colonial country was quite poor, small and most of people lived on agriculture.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the dead from all over the country came back to life one after another, causing horrifying tragedies and instilling despair in the inhabitants. Most of them gave up and ran away, but the few remaining still thought they could control the situation and found a way to destroy the germ of the disease.


The story revolves around four main characters: Yeob, Ryu, Gyeom and Bok. Each character has very different looks and personalities. The male lead is always ranked first.

Yeob is a gypsy, his appearance is a bit dirty, probably because he has to wander too much. However, he is good-natured, warm-hearted, but has a rather traumatic past that you’ll slowly know as you play.

The other guy is Bok, a lively, smart, cute, well-adjusted young man who only knows how to enjoy himself.

Gyeom is a gentle scholar, but he’s a bit boring.

Ryu is the opposite of Gyeom, a quiet, talented and reliable leader. The fate and common goal surrounding the pandemic brought them together and fought side by side.

Tough situations everywhere

The context sounds quite desperate, signaling a thorny road and not so smooth life of the characters. But if you think that’s all, you’re wrong. The publisher also put varied situations constantly surrounded and challenged the characters mentally and physically. Sometimes they are cornered a lot that make me think whether the publisher let them live or not.

Who says that playing interactive novel games is pretty easy? I’m tearing my hair out all the time.

At the beginning of the game, you will choose one of the four guys to play the role. The game has many other main characters. Most of which are female, and closely related with confusing feelings for these boys. Thanks to them, the story of the new zombie gradually unraveled, and the life-and-death battle found the way out.

Many times, you must choose among friendship, love, and life. Each choice will lead you to different endings. It could be a love story with a happy ending in a better world or a tragic one. Consider carefully to never regret. At this point, the game returns to its true nature, a classic interactive novel.

A dreamlike work of fiction

The visual part in Time Of The Dead can be called visual art. You will admire immediately when you see the amazing appearance of the main characters in the story. In that historical shape, each person has a unique personality. Just by looking at their faces, you can guess the inner spirit. The illustrations of romance or epic battles between heroes and zombies, although only 2D still images, are enough to make you get goosebumps with emotion.

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Download Time Of The Dead APK & MOD for Android

If you really want to play a game that has both combat, romance, self-chosen endings, and timeless stories about pandemic zombies or simply relish beauty, play Time Of The Dead now. This is the only interactive novel that offers all of the above.

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