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NameThumper: Pocket Edition
Package Namecom.Drool.ThumperPocketEdition
PublisherDrool LLC
CategoryArcade, Music
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 7.0

Play Thumper: Pocket Edition APK and join the adventure of colors and music. The game costs $ 4.99, but you can download the APK file for free via the link we put below the article. But before that, let find out some information about this game.

Introduce about Thumper: Pocket Edition

Thumper: Pocket Edition is the Android and iOS version of the original Thumper game, developed by Drool. This rhythm game first appeared in October 2016 on Microsoft and Playstation 4. Two years later, versions for iOS and Android were officially released.


The world of Thumper: Pocket Edition is an eye-catching combination of metal, neon lights, twists, crumbling blocks and misty fog – but don’t be distracted by the surrounding scenery. Otherwise, you can’t survive long in this world. This charismatic music game got off to a pretty simple start; just tap the screen to the rhythm of the lights that appear on the track. However, after that your vehicle must consider turning in corners, dodging barriers and jumping over dangerous ladders.

Thumper: Pocket Edition has the gameplay of an endless running game. About controls, the game gives you a number of popular controls, including tilting the device and using the arrow keys on the screen. You can customize the arrow keys to the left or right. In addition, you can also choose vibration when colliding with obstacles.

In the beginning, you might think this game is very simple. You can easily overcome obstacles and defeat the bosses of the game. But, when you pass 10 checkpoints, the game becomes more difficult. You constantly face obstacles, and light also appears more. Beetles move faster, requiring you to have good reflexes with obstacles that appear suddenly. Thumper: Pocket Edition has no limit on the number of turns, you can play until you pass. If you lose, you will start over at the nearest checkpoint instead of starting over from the beginning.

The beetle has a shield that helps protect it from obstacles. It will be destroyed when you collide, but it can come back after you finish a checkpoint.

Avoid the obstacles

If you do not promptly respond to the above obstacles, you may suffer a little damage, but it is also possible that your spacecraft – which is a robot beetle made of metal – will be completely destroyed. At that time, stand up and start from the beginning. And the more you play it, the more powerful electronica-style background music will become more complex and complete (listen to the game’s background music on Apple Music if you’re interested).

Once you get used to the relentless rhythm and successfully evade the dangers, you will soon enter boss battles. In these matches, you will have to react quickly to difficult rhythms and thus have the opportunity to ‘shoot’ to the opponent with a perfect timing press. Sure, the difficulty of Thumper: Pocket Edition is increasing quite quickly, but once you successfully execute a long series of clicks, you will feel like a great gamer and real dubstep music producer comes from the future.

Compete on the leaderboard

By logging in to Google Play Games, you can compare your record score with your friends. Compete with your friends on Leaderboards.


Thumper graphics: Pocket Edition will impress you from the first time you play. The space of the game is designed with 3D graphics with many eye-catching lighting effects. When playing, you will feel like you are lost in an abstract world, where there is no concept of space and time.

The music is very impressive

Music is a must-see when it comes to Thumper: Pocket Edition. On the magical journey of metal beetles, you will enjoy vibrant and captivating Dubstep tunes. In particular, you can change the tone of the game by your actions. Are you a fan of Skrillex? Try to create Dubstep music in this game.

The game encourages you to use wired headphones or the phone’s speakers, as wireless headphones can add significant audio latency.


There is no storyline, no monsters on your journey, but Thumper: Pocket Edition still attracts players in a very unique way. When playing this game, you will experience a whole new world, a world of light and melodies.

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