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The X-Files is a 1990 science-fiction television series from the US that was released by FOX. The film focuses on the topic of criminal cases combined with the elements of fantasy, myth. The movie had become a global phenomenon in the period when people began to focus on the rumours of life outside the earth. The film revolves around investigating Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s agent on cases involving X-Files, mysterious cases of aliens. In childhood, I often hide parents to see this film every night without being arrested for sleeping. This is really an unforgettable childhood memory for everyone.

Overview information

Name​The X-Files: Deep State
PublisherCreative Mobile
RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesNo

From drama to puzzle game

The X Files Deep State gameplay

There are rare games created based on popular dramas (except Stranger Things). Until recently, Creative Mobile has brought to the player a great game called The X-Files: Deep State. If you are looking for a great puzzle game then surely the game will not disappoint you.

Maintaining the features in the content, this game revolves around the mystery case has no answer. These cases have elements that science can not explain. Coming to The X-Files: Deep State, you’ll be playing one of two FBI agents, a male and female character like Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in the movie. The game allows you to customize some of the looks of these two characters, bringing your own fashion style. Besides, you are also can set a name for that character.

The X-Files: Deep State begins with a series of talk show from key characters in the game of weird generational cases that took place recently. You will see characters like Dr.DeLonda Hayes, Dr.Dillahunt and more. These cases are unprecedented, causing panic for the entire population of the town. If in other games, you can skip the boring dialogue at the beginning of the game, then in The X-Files: Deep State, I recommend you watch it carefully because there are some Clues help you solve problems in the game.

The X Files Deep State ingame

A play mode, but many problems need solving

Like other puzzle games, this game has only one mode. You have to solve every problem in the game to pass the screen. Each level contains dozens of challenges that require you to take a lot of grey matter to get to the next level. There are two main tasks for you to answer questions and look for each in each case. Sometimes, you have to manually grasp fragments of any object if you want to see the message on it. You must always ask questions when revealing the clues. The lawyer was killed, was her former husband doing that? Why did the child see a blue monster in his house every night after his mother died?

The X Files Deep State screenshot

This game limits the power over each play. So you have to play through the screen and spend the least amount of time. This will help you avoid waiting to be played. If needed, you can ask your friends to give you energy every day. And do not forget to donate them. If you’re a gamer, spending money to buy energy is not a bad idea.

The X-Files: Deep State has the same simulation process as in real life. Sometimes, after gathering evidence from the field, you have to bring them to the lab. This will take time to complete and you have no choice but to wait. In some first stages, this process will take about 1 minute. Increasingly, but to break the case, it is not difficult.


The X Files Deep State graphics

What impresses me is that the graphics of The X-Files: Deep State are developed in 2D form with depth, extremely real and beautiful. The background in the game is animated so you will feel less scary when playing this game. In particular, the sound effects especially the background music will bring you back to childhood with the familiar music in the movie series The X-Files. As soon as he heard the new background music, many memories of his childhood came back.

Are you ready to let the detectives uncover secrets in America? Download the game X-Files: Deep State on your device and join the world of these mysteries.

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