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The Wild Darkness APK + MOD (God Mode, Unlimited Energy) v1.2.10

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NameThe Wild Darkness
Package Namecom.ctugames.km2
PublisherPoPeyed Inc
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Unlimited Energy

Join the wild adventure in The Wild Darkness MOD APK, the latest survival role-playing game by the publisher PoPeyed. Download this game via the link below this article.

Introduce about The Wild Darkness

Wild world survival and exploration games always attract the attention of many players. Newly launched in May this year, The Wild Darkness promises to be the perfect choice for those who love to explore and adventure in a wild but dangerous environment.

Are you ready to venture into a strange forest almost separate from the outside world, fighting with monsters for survival? Standing between the lines of life and death, can you make an informed decision? Or join now The Wild Darkness to find answers!


Survival adventure games often don’t have clear storylines or quests, and neither does The Wild Darkness. The game is about a young man who accidentally gets hit with the magic of an evil witch. When he woke up, he found himself transported to a strange, dark forest. No survival skills, no psychological preparation. It all starts from scratch and you must learn to survive immediately.

The Wild Darkness gameplay

In order to survive, you must first have food to sustain life and a safe haven. You will have to do everything to help him. If the luck lasts a long time, the game will unlock more characters to support the main character. Usually, if you survive more than 100 days in the game.

However, The Wild Darkness is not as easy as you think. There are many difficult things on the way to collect ingredients, at the same time you have to be wary of strange creatures in the darkness out there. (When I first played, I could only play until the 7th day, I was dead). What’s worse, if you accidentally lose your life, you’ll have to go back to where you started and start over.

Craft weapons

Not only is a tool to help you collect ingredients and food faster, but this is also a weapon to help you fight hordes of aggressive monsters. Use materials like stone to create basic tools like knives or axes. As you progress to a higher level, you will unlock more useful tools. And don’t forget to create fire – this is extremely important for survival on the wild land. The Wild Darkness will give you the tools to create fire.

The Wild Darkness graphics

While exploring, you will discover a lot of items dropping along the way. Since the inventory is limited, consider the value of the items carefully before picking them up.

Explore the dungeon

In The Wild Darkness, you can go on adventures through dark dungeons and collect items dropping throughout the dungeon. The dungeon is composed of two floors and each floor consisting of many different small rooms. While exploring the dungeon, you will have to confront the giant boss who is protecting the room. Overcoming them, a door will be opened. This is where you find the missing tablet. Take it back to the Ruins of Light, with it you will unlock a bunch of new unique recipes.

Keep the fire burning

The time in The Wild Darkness passed quite quickly, but it didn’t make the night any less dangerous. When the darkness gradually covers, the mysterious creatures begin to work. They have special strength, high stamina and succumb only to the light emitted by the torch. So in order to survive, you have to make sure your torch is not turned off.

The Wild Darkness screenshot

While it’s dangerous and your speed will slow down, exploring the world at night is quite exciting and fun. However, you also need to make sure your character has enough time to rest, restore health to do the task during the day.

Bring food with you

The movement will drain the character’s stamina quickly. You can replenish your fitness by eating randomly found fruits and vegetables in the places you have just passed. However, eating cooked foods will help you heal even more, and sometimes they can even help with wound healing. Food has an expiry date, so you can cook it and take it with you to eat at any time.

MOD APK version of The Wild Darkness

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Energy
  • No Tired
  • No Thirst
  • No Hunger
  • High Strength


You use MENU to enable/disable MOD features.

Download The Wild Darkness APK & MOD for Android

Although newly released, The Wild Darkness has caused fever with all gamers around the world thanks to its interesting and unique gameplay. If you love adventuring in the wild, try The Wild Darkness to see how long you can survive.

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  • bebasiklan03 avatar
    Youtube Premium

    Please add mod menu to new version this game

  • hunterxhunter159 avatar
    Vinh Dang Khanh

    why no mod? why?

  • sd85119 avatar
    S. D.

    Mod please.

  • sd85119 avatar
    S. D.

    Why not moded? U need to mod it. Otherwise it wouldn’t bring any fun.

  • ucupcarlos avatar
    ucup carlos

    Need mod

  • brandonyang102 avatar

    Can you add cheats

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