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NameThe Walking Dead: Survivors
PublisherGalaxy Play Technology Limited
MOD FeaturesOne Hit, No Skill CD
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Network required

The Walking Dead: Survivor MOD APK is a survival game based on the zombie theme from the publisher Galaxy Play Technology. This is a multiplayer online game. In the game, you play as one of the survivors of the zombie pandemic and are building a shelter with other survivors. Fight against the crowded Walkers and rebuild a new peaceful territory.

Introduce about The Walking Dead: Survivors

Battle of the survivors

Currently, what modes does the game have?

You and me, we are no strangers to the popular TV series The Walking Dead, which are considered the cinematic monument of the zombie theme. Inspired by movies, numerous games, comics, publications, and other works of art have borned. After purchasing the copyright from the film producer, we are now about to experience the zombie world in the movie through the mobile game, The Walking Dead: Survivors.

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Currently, the game only includes online multiplayer mode. You begin to survive, adventure, and build a base, then side by side with other players to fight zombies.

The story and gameplay are subtly integrated

In the game, you are a survivor, who is alive after the zombie disaster. You choose one of two roles: fighter or builder. Fighters have many fighting skills, specializing in collecting weapons and ammunition, taking on the role of fighting zombies. The builder specializes in the skills of exploitation, transportation, connection, and management to create a sustainable base in all aspects of life.

Of course, you can choose one of the familiar characters in The Walking Dead such as Rick, Michonne, Negan, Ezekiel, Glenn … Although fighting and surviving together, each character has a personality and purpose. Construction gameplay combined with each player’s personality in the online mode is actually bringing a lot of excitement to play.

Construction and Food are the foundation of life

In the world you live in, everything becomes scarce, exhausted by the destruction of zombies. Luckily, we still have each other. We have found an ideal and safe land to build a new world with all factors such as food, military, technology, health, education, entertainment …

The Walking Dead Survivors for Android 1440x720

Your mission is not only to shoot, kill, and fight with The Walker, but also live a true life, to have a safe place to live, to have food and water. You use a torch to “open” each area and then go deep inside to exploit and build everything. Start with small things like collecting food, individual carrots, potatoes, and water bottles. Everything is very precious in the post-apocalyptic world.

You also need to talk to your teammates about the strategy and information you have gathered. All this is done easily through the online chat feature.

Don’t forget The Walkers are lurking around

You and the other survivors build a high wall to fight The Walker, daily defend and reinforce the wall, and set up a series of traps, tunnels to trap enemies. Next you will enter a series of confrontations with the aggressive The Walker. After each battle, of course, the spoils and weapons obtained are also quite generous.

To be able to confront thousands of zombies, you need to constantly recruit characters capable of fighting. Train, upgrade to help characters become powerful. Don’t forget the game’s weapon system. You also need to research and create guns to provide enough weapons and ammunition for each character.

Your enemies are not just zombies

There is something scarier than zombies, which is human selfishness. If you’ve ever watched The Walking Dead, you probably also understand what I just said. In The Walking Dead: Survivors, you also have a very wicked and very annoying enemy, Negan and his gang. With the ploy to take down all the survivors who don’t listen to his will, Negan has caused as many catastrophic internal battles as the Walker hordes out there.

In that situation, you once again must shake hands with other players to form a group, together to build everything stronger and more united on the foundation of peaceful and freedom, to fight the Negan army.

The rewards and loot are clear, sometimes quite generous

On the way to the quests, you will collect points calculated by food or items. Exchange items and money you can upgrade your weapons, armor and skills. But I advise you not to rush to upgrade. Wait until you complete 2 to 3 lands, then upgrade, avoid running out of resources too soon. If you run out of resources, you only have to wait for death.

The Walking Dead Survivors APK download

How to play The Walking Dead: Survivors?

Operation to play The Walking Dead: Survivors is also quite simple. Mainly revolves around reading, thinking, selecting and moving across the screen by touching the character and destination. But you also need to anticipate situations where you are playing with experienced players. They will quickly gather resources and put you in danger.

After completing the base, you continue to collect resources to upgrade and expand it. Unlock many surviving characters in the area to recruit as soldiers or commanders of troops. There are also some weapons available in the game for characters and troops. Each group will have 10 levels to upgrade. Every time you level up, you will have stronger fighters.

What about graphics and sound?

Character creation is very similar to the original movie. 3D movement is smooth and natural. The punches are accompanied by music and sound that ignites emotions. Not to mention the surrounding scenery is extremely beautiful and detailed. Graphics are realistic and clear, although the genre requires a lot of intricate details.

MOD APK version of The Walking Dead: Survivors

MOD features

  • One Hit
  • No CD

Download The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK for Android

This game easily scored 10 by The Walking Dead’s fans. Download The Walking Dead: Survivors APK via the link below to play the game now, everyone.

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