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After a long week of games dripping violence, bloodshed, and guns, it is finally time to put a break on all that, ease your mind by diving into a casual single tap game. So, what’s better than building the tallest tower simply by tapping, right? The Tower Assassin’s Creed is a tower building game so good for now. Out Now so time to shoot for the sky! The tower building goodness is back! The Tower Assassin’s Creed is the sequel to the popular casual game The Tower by the same developers Ketchapp. The revamped version is a special treat for the gamers on the franchise’s 10th Anniversary, we are hoping the game is just as good so let’s find out.

Overview information

NameThe Tower Assassin’s Creed
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 2.3

The Tower Assassin’s Creed Gameplay is addictive but is it enough?

the tower assassins creed

The gameplay of this game is identical to the original one, and you have to build the tallest possible tower, so your assassin can put an emblem on the top of it, and then jump on the cart safely.

In the first handful of levels, you will only get one assassin Altair. Each block will fall on the base of the tower shifting right to left, the moment you tap on the screen, the block will fit on the base. If it fits perfectly, great but in case in lands partially, the rest of it will crumble giving you little scope to build your perfect tower. So, it’s all about the precise landings, fellows!

Once, your tower is built up, and the emblem is up, your assassin will jump off the tower from the highest point, all you got to aim is to direct the assassin in a way that it lands directly on the hay cart.

Ketchapp is generous when it comes to Rewards!

the tower assassins creed 2

As your character jumps off, there will be plenty of Helix to grab so swipe left and right to make sure you collect them all as that will help in leveling up.

Every time you level up in the game, the game will gift you Helix Credits. You can use the Helix to get favors like getting a Headstart in the game, slowing up the time with which the blocks shift from left to right, or acquiring a Helix magnet that will collect Helix for you.

As for the achievements – you will perform different tasks and achieve XP in the game. Build floor towers, unlock new towers, find hidden towers and build ideal floors if you want to claim the XP.

Exotic Locations, and Cities in the world

Travel around the globe with The Tower Assassin’s Creed as you can choose from different towers around different parts of the globe. You will begin your journey from Masyaf, and then you will proceed to Giza, and Florence so wins different levels around the world.

Graphics & Sound

the tower assassins creed 3

The Tower Assassin’s Creed is relatively straightforward in terms of graphics, 2D graphics with bright backgrounds and animated background music. The background in the game is diverse design, take you to many different places in the world and when you climb you will reach higher heaven.


I really like The Tower Assassin’s Creed, it’s almost a game that can be played every day, play whenever ever bored. Now I can not stop playing this game. I really recommend this game if you are waiting for something special.

So, why don’t you take your leap of faith, and try the fun, charming game by downloading it from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now, as it is absolutely free. Moreover, get to know about more Android & iOS based Arcade games on our site. Happy landings!

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