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The Swordsmen X APK is a survival role-playing game with many attractive mechanics that you must play if you are a loyal fan of this genre.

Introduce about The Swordsmen X

A Battle Royale game is as beautiful as a swordplay!

Battle Royale has been no longer strange to game addicts. And for those who have gone through many battles, they may even not be concerned much about this genre now. Partly because what we know about it is guns, bullets, modern weapons, and noisy battles, which are too familiar. Whether there is an accompanying story or a lot of weapons, personality characters, good shaping… even this context and repeated events also partly make survival games a bit boring.

If you have a lot of love for this game genre but want to find a breath of fresh air in a completely new context, to relive the excitement like the first time playing Battle Royale, you are invited to try The Swordsmen X.

Highly tactical

The Swordsmen X is set in ancient swordplay. You will be taken to a certain area and step into the life-or-death battle of Battle Royale. Constantly find and loot weapons that are common weapons found in swordplay movies/stories.

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The game chooses a third-person view for survival battles. After being dropped in the battle with 99 other players, you will start searching for items and fighting hard. As the number of players dwindles, the rounds will shrink until only one person is left alive.

To stay alive, you will have to constantly battle others in the area. Use all the character’s fighting skills and weapons at hand to bring the most powerful hand-to-hand combat. You can use any strategy to destroy the opponent. You can fight in hand-to-hand combat, or fight in guerrilla warfare, or use old tactics to give yourself an advantage in each battle. You can even run away, avoid confrontation, and come back the next time. This flexibility is also the only way you can overcome many heavyweights with many skills in The Swordsmen X.

Melee weapons are something you need to exploit more of

In any situation, you will be able to use up to 2 weapons: one melee and one ranged. But here melee is more important. In close combat, there are swords, knives, spears, great knives, and double knives. In long-ranged combat, there are bows and maces. You also have body armor. The later you play, the more options of armor there are. Each type helps you to protect a position on the body such as hat, chest armor, arm armor, leg… The character itself also has skills such as sprinting, martial arts, kicking, flying, or fury (increasing the character’s stats)… And like any other war, we’ve known in this genre: amidst all the chaos, you must find a way to survive and become the only one to pass the level.

Note that even if you have a good bow and arrow in your hand, you can only shoot one arrow at a time, and it takes time to reload. Sometimes the arrow flies to them but the opponents are still okay. With melee weapons, the damage and active ability of the player are also higher. That’s why they are favored in The Swordsmen X.

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One very impressive point that many people will also like because it strongly exudes the swordplay quality of the game: The martial arts secrets. You will collect many martial arts secrets by exploring your surroundings. The later, the more opportunities you get to accumulate more unique secrets, but because they are scattered in hidden areas, it is still a matter of luck to find them or not. Each weapon will have its own set of secrets. The more you collect, the better chance your character gets to exploit the full potential of the weapon in hand.

If you can’t fight, withdraw

Almost the process of attacking and fighting of the heroic characters in The Swordsmen X revolves around the process: identifying the opponent’s weaknesses/loopholes – defending to detect – striking – defending – waiting for the next blow. It is not too fast-paced (you can see it when you watch the martial arts movie, it can’t be compared to shooting). But everything needs to be calculated carefully in every step, which creates a rare depth, making The Swordsmen X a completely different Battle Royale game from the others in the general market.

During the battle, because the weapon is from the ancient, the damage will be different depending on the type of damage. Either way, they won’t be able to defeat you right away. The secret is to accumulate a lot of anger so that every time you get hit and run away from the enemy, you will be able to heal yourself. When you’re healthy, then fight again.

Graphics and sound

The old setting is strangely beautiful. The natural scenery is realistic, gentle, and sometimes a bit romantic. Just like what you usually see in fierce sword fights or swordplay movies.

In that background, the main character’s movements take place smoothly, agile. No matter what weapon you are using, the character’s quick actions always make you proactive and completely use all your tactical intentions. Players therefore always have the feeling of being “burned” to their fullest and truly a part of the battlefield.

When it comes to the international mobile market, The Swordsmen X has taken full advantage of its strengths and differences. Because not everyone can watch movies, or read stories about the swordplay genre, especially in Western countries. From the shape, the context, to the way to move and the weapon system, armor, and costume of the character… are all strange things to many people. I believe everyone around the world will be amazed by the shimmering images from the game.

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There are not too many places to show the bombardment and explosive effects like in survival games using modern weapons. But in return, each time you attack, the effect of the sword and mirror is extremely sharp. You can hear the sword screeching in the wind, the weapons clashing on the battlefield. It’s a completely different excitement that almost no other Battle Royale game on mobile can bring right now.

Currently, the number of players has reached a total of 300 people in one level. And some other game modes are about to come like “Duel Loi Dai”, which supports 2 teams to fight 1v1, 2v2, 4v4. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to actively choose the game mode for a fast team-up with friends. You know, waiting for a life-and-death arena with a size of 100 or more people, not everyone can be patient.

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This third-person Battle Royale game is bold Eastern-style swordplay. There are many things to exploit, to show off your talents. It offers attractive and new game mechanics compared to the games currently on the market. Well worth the long experience, guys!

Currently, The Swordsmen X is open for pre-registration on TapTap. We will update the game as soon as possible.

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