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NameThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Package Namecom.HomeNetGames.Pirates
PublisherHome Net Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Have you ever heard about the “golden age” of piracy in the years 1600-1700, where the vital seas of Europe fell under the control and domination of pirate groups? To better understand the “operation” of these lawless forces, you must play The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD APK.

Introduce about The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Golden Age of the Pirate King

Become a pirate

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a simulation game combining action combat from the publisher Home Net Games. You will play as a cold-blooded pirate who is plotting to dominate the vast Caribbean Ocean. Don’t be afraid to fight and plunder to build up forces along with a powerful pirate base. Freely own a series of ships of all types, sizes, functions, and hundreds of weapons with incredible destructive power. Play this game till the end, you will become the king of pirates, whose name is seen as awe-inspiring.

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To begin with, you will be given detailed instructions on how to steer the boat. The operations are quite simple such as raising the sail, then tapping twice on the sail button continuously, touching the rudder to control the ship left and right… It only takes 2-3 minutes to get used to these movements. The main point is to coordinate the movements with the weapons later.

Huge fleet of battleships

Ship robbery is one of the main activities of the future “pirate king”. To demonstrate this, while creating constant stimulation during gameplay, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt has developed more than twenty diverse types of ship classes, each with its own characteristics and upgrade path. When you have a ship in hand, you have the option to choose the adjustment modes to make the ship according to your favorite.

Each of these warships is both a booty obtained after plundering campaigns, as well as a tool for your future “practice”. Each ship is equipped with a lot of weapons and equipment to get ready to be “involved” at any time. Weapons are various and available from big silver, string bullets, cluster bullets, bombs, or double bullets. Not to mention going into the next levels, you also get special weapons with terrible destructive power such as a large explosive barrel, fuel oil, city-breaking vehicle…

Besides stealing ships, what else do pirates do?

Of course, they will do everything because money is the goal and lifestyle of every pirate at that time. Game offers dozens of quests from simple to complex, giving you the opportunity to show off your looting and fighting skills. Pirates will smuggle, escort a certain precious train, hunt for treasure, or attack a potential target at sea… to get as much money as they can.

After completing the mission, you will unlock new skills, upgrade your warship, and earn a lot of money. As a pirate character, you will have more than twenty skills to slowly improve yourself. As for the battleship, there are more than thirty upgrade levels. Each type of ship has a different upgrade path. Experience one by one along with your increasing skills will make you have many interesting challenges.

The bright future of the pirate king

With extraordinary talent and glorious achievements, you gradually have a fierce fleet in your hands. Many warships are acquired, upgraded, or robbed during the wanderings. You will also think about building bases, piers, and a series of massive structures to mark the sovereignty where you reside and promote prestige with the government and other pirate gangs.

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Your target is marked on the map from one point, to two, three, four points, including the spots that are said to have the most treasures in the ocean. From here, you officially step on the throne of the pirate king firmly and no one can shake it.

Graphics and sound

The epic ships, real designs in the history of the dark ages of Europe included in the game will make you “gasp” because you are so overwhelmed. The size, grandeur and detail in each component are worthy to call the battleship set in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt a masterpiece. I still can’t believe the ship is that detailed. Just zoom in close, you can even see both the frame and the interior of the ship.

To match the effort invested in the ship, the ocean scene that appears in the game is also extremely vivid. The waves of the sea, the evenings with a cool breeze, a white sand island far from the screen… All are as lively as real life.

But the pinnacle of the graphics is in the encounters, bombardment and capture of ships that take place continuously according to the missions. Light effects, smoke blur, explosive effects, flying projectiles, simulating the sinking process of each ship are amazingly effective and really make a great impression on players. I was so excited that sometimes I thought I was a real pirate living in that game.

Sound is also a big investment in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. According to the context of each mission, music will simulate the battle rhythm in the game and correspond to the sea condition at that time. Sometimes the background music is fast, sometimes peaceful. You can even hear the waves, the roar of the ocean in the great storms of the night. When entering the battle, it is fast, inhibited, and full of rhythm, and there is the sound of artillery shells.

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And to bring out more excitement, this game has both PvP mode to fight other players and PvE to follow the game missions. Each has its own beauty and allows you to admire the most majestic and modern warship masterpieces of this century.

MOD APK version of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt APK & MOD for Android

It’s not complicated. Let your soul into adventures like a true cool pirate. The game has so much to see and experience. If you want to have a strange day or try completely different things from what you used to entertain, then play The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt.

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