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Over the past few years, survival games have become so familiar to gamers. It is not hard to find a survival game at this time, however, to find a really interesting game is not easy at all.


Summary about The Outlived APK

NameThe Outlived
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Latest Version1.0.13
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PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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The Outlived is also an exciting survival game. The game was released by Hero Game – a publisher from China. After playing the game, I feel this is a very interesting game, so I have to review this game for you now.

The apocalyptic plot

I like survival games has a fascinating plot as Last Day On Earth. When there has the plot, the game will be more attractive and more in-depth, hiding more things for players to gradually explore. The feeling of finding something special when playing is really great. And The Outlived is also such a game. The story is about the world during the pandemic Zombies. A strange virus is spreading fast. All over the world are facing this terrible epidemic. Fortunately, you live in a remote place. Many dangers are stalking you, and you have nothing in hand. Can you survive in this game?

How to play

The Outlived gameplay 2

Before playing, you can choose a favourite character for yourself. Customize your skin color, hair style, eye color, … according to your style.

When you first step into The Outlived, you have nothing. No furniture, no food, no clothes (actually a short). You must try to find the items needed to survive. In this game, your existence is most important. All the rest is meaningless, including money, friendship, love, … You can only believe in yourself, face to face everything yourself to save your lives.

Start with something such as stone, wood, grass, etc. Do not throw those because everything in The Outlived is upgraded from them. Make some clothes, simple shoes to protect you from the harsh weather in the game. You can find axes, hammers,… to cut trees, build houses. Build solid bases, help you store unused items and more importantly, it can protect you from certain attacks of zombies.

Bloodthirsty zombies

The Outlived apk

Flood zombies in this very fast and strong. Not only that, if you make a noise, they will pull a lot of other zombies to try to eat you. So you have to build a safe base, enough to defend from zombies attack. Do not forget to save your foods in the base to survive on the days you can not go out.

Make the most powerful weapons to destroy zombies easily. The Outlived has a variety of weapons for you.


Not only the above factors, you also have to confront the other players. Because The Outlived is an online game, you have to clash with other players to scramble for resources. They, like you, must also look for things to survive. Sometimes, the game does not have enough resources for all, so cannot avoid the fight. But maybe you will find some helpers.


The Outlived weapons

This is what I like best about this game. The Outlived has many modes with a variety of challenges:

  • Team match: Connect with other players, go out and kill zombies in town. If you complete the task, you will receive a lot of items of the game.
  • Survival Challenge: Competing with other players. Your knowledge and survival skills are very important.
  • Multi-Survival Challenge: Compete with other players.
  • Solo Survival: No zombies, other new players are your enemies. Destroy everything to become a survivor.
  • Сraft system: search for food, drinks, utensils to survive.
  •  Competitive: Fight with other players, destroy all zombies.

Every regime has many surprises for the players. Besides, you will experience a lot of different maps in the fight against zombies. Rocky filed, Pind Woods, Ruined Store, Quelt Clinic and more.


The Outlived gameplay

As I see, the graphics of the game does not have so many different things compared to other survival games. Character formation, the environment can be said to be fine. The action moves, the character\’s movement is quite smooth, real. Especially zombies. I threw up the phone many times when they were chased. So scary.

Should you play The Outlived?

Overall, The Outlived is a game worth playing at the moment. If you want to try out the bloody zombies alone, let The Outlived help you do it. Currently, the game is only available on Google Play, no version available for iOS.

Download The Outlived for Android (APK)

  • The Outlived for Android APK - v1.0.13

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