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NameThe Last Road – Episode One
Package Namecom.Poloskun.TheLastRoadEpisodeOne
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $0.49
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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The Last Road – Episode One MOD APK is an adventure story about an insane hero in a world full of zombies. The game has minimalist visuals, interesting gameplay, and a rather strange approach. Believe me, The Last Road – Episode One is a game you must try if you love the zombie theme.

Introduce about The Last Road – Episode One

Follow an adventure of an insane hero in the zombie world!

The Last Road – Episode One is a zombie-themed game that looks easy to play. The game’s graphics are quite popular, and the gameplay is also easy to integrate. But to go far, go deep into the story is not simple at all.


You woke up with a headache and found that you couldn’t remember what had happened before. The only thing you could think was that you were in a hospital. It was unusually quiet. The surrounding walls were covered with blood stains and scratches. You started to feel fear, but you couldn’t figure out what was going on.

The screen opened to a view of the hospital rooms in horizontal. You just kept moving forward. There was a gun on the wall, you immediately grabbed it to protect yourself. Then suddenly, without warning, a figure appeared, it was a nurse. But something was out of the ordinary. She held a needle in her hand and then moved towards you. You stepped back and realized that her blue face looked like it belonged to the dead. You shot her. But she was not dead. Probably she was a zombie. It took many more shots before she collapsed. Then, many more zombies appeared in the hospital. Sometimes they were in the form of a doctor, an aide, sometimes a patient like you.

If you are clever, you can escape from the hospital after a battle against the zombies. The more enemies you kill, the quicker you’ll unlock new weapons. Out of the campus, an ambulance is waiting for you, you quickly adjust it a little to start it.

Since having the car, all the zombies you meet on the street are just a small thing. That ambulance is enough to crush them all. But you should not rush to rejoice, because they will begin to appear in a herd trying to pull you out of the ambulance…

The story goes on and more episodes are expected. In the end, the character finds out the clues to why people became zombies, why they lost their minds, what happened during that time when you couldn’t remember anything… All will be revealed gradually. And this is only Part 1 of the game.


Controls in the game have almost nothing to say. They are simple, short, and friendly for everyone. With the horizontal scrolling design, you just need to move back and forth to navigate the character, touch the weapons to get them, add a fire button and jump or crouch during combat. When driving, you just need to select the steering button and it will run. It is almost not difficult to master the operations. The difficulty here is the rather strange movement of the character. You can be jerked slightly. It is not clear whether it is due to the intention of the developer or not. But this obviously causes quite a lot of difficulties when playing.

The second difficulty is definitely from the zombies. It’s not as easy as in the movies you’ve seen. The zombies here are tough right from the first levels. The zombie nurse aggressively held the needle and just died after many shots. As the number increases, the stronger the zombies become, and the more difficult things become.

Luckily, like in any zombie game, you will constantly upgrade weapons from simple pistols to more powerful guns. So, you can survive as long as possible depending on your fighting ability.

For the vehicles alternate during the character’s adventure in The Last Road – Episode One, I think they are an interesting highlight. The more enthusiastically you fight and achieve more achievements, the game will unlock for you some new vehicles. Your character will accidentally pass by and grab it. This phase of driving around killing zombies adds a lot of excitement to the game.

The art of witty storytelling

From the beginning, the narrative style of The Last Road – Episode One has been expressed clearly. It is short, meaningful, and somewhat witty. It is usually shown in the form of characters thinking, talking, and mumbling to themselves, through which the story is gradually revealed. And it also makes the zombie scene much less heavy.

In addition, the game has a simple gameplay and quite peaceful colors. To me, The Last Road – Episode One has drawn a very different zombie story.

MOD APK version of The Last Road – Episode One

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Choose “Continue” to play with a lot of money.

If you want to play an original version, choose “New Game”.

Download The Last Road – Episode One APK & MOD for Android

The graphics are good, simple but close, and easy to see. You can focus on the game and not be distracted by external context conditions like in many other zombie games. The driving scenes are super impressive. Believe men, The Last Road – Episode One is a zombie game very worth playing!

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