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The Dark Pursuer APK + MOD (Unlocked Multiplayer Mode) v1.89

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NameThe Dark Pursuer
Package Namecom.digitalsecrets.thedarkpursuer
PublisherDigital Secrets
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Multiplayer Mode
RequiresAndroid 4.4

The Dark Pursuer MOD APK is a product of Digital Secrets, it belongs to the arcade game genre but exactly, it is a puzzle game with horror elements. When playing this game, you need to mentally prepare because this game is very creepy.

Introduce about The Dark Pursuer

Run away before it’s too late!

Early game warning

The rule of the game is to run to find a flashlight. It will help you see clearly in the dark, find the last key to escape this dark and haunted place BEFORE THE FLASHLIGHT OFF. And remember that the latter, the level of challenge and horror increases. “Run now before it’s too late” is a warning to send to you, who want to play this game.

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You are thrown somewhere and then you start your escape

As a common motif in any horror mobile game, the main character, regardless of male or female, or family background (which doesn’t matter now), is pushed into a strange space. In that, some horrible things await. Then we have to find a way to get out, before being bait for the dark.

Playing The Dark Pursuer, you will play as a person lost in an abandoned place. Each level in the game corresponds to a different scene, respectively Abandoned Hospital, Remote Field, Old Tunnels. The only and the same mission for all players is to find a way out of these dark and gloomy places as quickly as possible before the flashlight runs out, and the terrible evil monsters come.

The evils in these three levels in my opinion are quite similar. It’s like a monster that exposes the skeleton and bloody clothes inside and out. They are tall, strutting and slouching with their arms and legs dangling. I think what makes the players scared is not monsters like this because the disgusting monsters in Silent Hill are even scarier. The main reason is in space. The desolate place you’ve been pushed into, the darkness and stillness that make players scared.

The Dark Pursuer MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Take the first-level abandoned hospital for example. I’m a person who is afraid of dirty things, so as soon as I see the old, black, dirty scene everywhere, the ceiling lights are blinking, the drawers are creaking, black and dirty, I will so freaking scared.

It’s not too difficult but you must run fast, and watch your surroundings

The difficulty level of the challenges or puzzles in The Dark Pursuer I think is not too difficult, not so continuous and it doesn’t have too many numbers to remember, the lock needs to be opened like in some mobile games of the same genre. But in this, you will have to race against extremely intense time. Most of the game rhythm is always associated with the character’s running movements. You can go but only when you want to think or find a hidden object, the rest is just run as fast as possible to save time. Remember to watch out the doors, a horror monster can appear there at any time and make you unable to react.

And the second difficulty comes from the space design in the game. As in the Remote field scene, you will have to find the key to start the car away from the scary field at night. There is a wooden house nearby, which may have a key in it. The space of the house is not large, but it has a lot of nooks and crannies are hiding, not to mention every once in a while you have to run to the field to do some task to continue the challenges. That movement process takes a lot of time for the player, making the time burden more and more overloaded.

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In the scene playing Abandoned Hospital, the space is different. Everything takes place inside the building that used to be a hospital. So it’s very wide and has many hidden corners. Each room has its scary obsession, the long and deep corridors make you scared, not to mention the monster that shows up from time to time to startle you.

Playing multiplayer mode is very attractive

Because when playing multiplayer mode, you will play the victim, and your friend will play the monster, trying to track down and massacre. If you can find a way out, you will win. Otherwise, your friends will be the winner.

MOD APK version of The Dark Pursuer

MOD feature

Unlocked Multiplayer Mode

Download The Dark Pursuer MOD APK for Android

The Dark Pursuer in short is a fairly light horror game, 3D graphics are also quite good. This game is perfect for those who want a bit creepy but don’t want to be too obsessive. The game has no weapons or complicated attacks, just running and finding the way out. Download it via the links below.

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