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NameThe Baby In Yellow
Package Namecom.TeamTerrible.BabyInYellow
PublisherTeam Terrible
MOD FeaturesSkin Unlocked, AD Free
RequiresAndroid 5.0

The Baby In Yellow APK is a cute horror game from indie developer Team Terrible. In the game, you play as a nanny in charge of taking care of a strange baby always wearing a yellow jumpsuit. Is everything normal?

Introduce about The Baby In Yellow

How scary is a child?

What do you think when you look at the poster of this game?

I’m so scared! Really. Even knowing that each child is “scary” in its own way. Especially with mothers, babies always cry to a “God”, and have the sudden anger of “an alien”. However, that is just an analogy for fun. In fact, they are all little angels that are hungry, pretty, and snappy for basic reasons such as eating, drinking, and even pooping :D.

But it’s very different in The Baby In Yellow.

Let’s begin with the gameplay!

First, in the game, you are immediately introduced being a nanny who is being hired to take care of a baby for a few months. The simple task is just feeding, sleeping, playing, changing diapers, and watching over to keep the baby safe. The house you work in is unusually dark. Nobody’s home. It looks luxurious, but always has a feeling of intimidation. Especially the path up the stairs and the long series of rooms. All are immersed in dark yellow lights, as the specialty of classic horror movies.

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You may be calmed down a little bit when you see a child waiting in a dining chair. The first task is to find a bottle of milk then feed the cute baby first.

In The Baby In Yellow, all you need to do is visible in a text box in the upper left corner of the screen. Each completed task will have the note “completed” and be filled with black, the incomplete task will be white text. And they all come with instructions on where each item, relating to the work you have to do (such as “Get a bottle of milk” mission will come with “in the refrigerator”).

The little tip for you is that before you start playing the first scene, quickly run around the house, into each room, to take a quick look and get a grasp of the overall layout of the house in mind. This will be an important preparatory step so that when you get caught up in the detailed work, you will not get confused and calm down more quickly when any “situation” happens.

But what is a “situation”?

The first night is probably your best night. Remember a chill-chill moment when you are on the sofa and watching TV after a long night looking after your baby because on the second night, you will understand why you should be prepared for everything that happens next.

The Baby In Yellow for Android 1440x810

The second main character in the game besides you is a newborn baby, always wearing a yellow shirt. At first glance, he looks as normal as any other baby. But look closely, look into his eyes and the corners of his face, from the very first night! Look at him when you change his diaper or when you carry him up the stairs to the bedroom to see what is strange!

Oh, I really got goosebumps.

His eyes keep glaring. You hold the bottle to the left, he glares to the left, you hold the bottle in front of him, he glares at that bottle without blinking. He just stops when you toss the bottle for him to eat clearly for 1 second.

And his face is not the angelic face of many babies that you’ve ever seen? It looks monstrous, distorted like an alien or a ghost from a horror movie, obviously when he is sleepy or upset.

Combining those glaring eyes and ghostly angular face, what do you think it is? It’s definitely not human.

The second night will open up with similar scenes and actions. At this point, I am sure you have a prepared mentality. May you quickly come to the refrigerator to take the bottle of milk and put it in his mouth, then quickly follow the instructions in the game? Tonight, everything is not that simple! The baby in front of you quickly gets irritated and screams scary with a suddenly deformed face. You start to get scared, start to stagger in the dark house searching for the items he is looking for. You begin to feel claustrophobic, intimidated, and imprisoned. In this house, the owner is the baby, and you become smaller and weaker every night.

Gameplay is not difficult, but the hard part is how much heart-pressing can you endure?

The house also begins to show strange signs, walls are peeling to reveal red notes like fire with angry content signaling a bad omen. And it culminates in the late second night, in a sudden outburst, the baby comes out of your hand, flies in the air with a devil’s face. “Good night”, the note warns an unhealthy ending and opens up many other haunting nights for you.

The nights after that were a real nightmare. How long can you endure in this house with this demon-possessed child?

The game has absolutely no challenges in terms of gameplay which is simple. All you do is to touch the screen, move, go back and forth between rooms to find things and put them in the right place, that’s all. But the attraction is that the horror element is more and more. Sometimes you want to stick your heart out.

Graphics and sound

To illustrate their crazy idea, the producer chose minimal-style 3D graphics, just on the baby and the jumpscare effects that the baby causes. The house is very beautiful, very detailed but it all seems to sink into shadows and yellow lights and only important objects can be seen clearly. The way of designing and arranging the colors like this makes the creepy atmosphere in the house increase.

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There is almost no background music, only sound. It’s the sound of discrete piano notes, the child’s threatening cry, the footsteps (and later your screams)… everything blends into one to make your story darker and darker than ever.

Download The Baby In Yellow APK for Android

I just want to add that this is one of the horror games that is reviewed as the shortest, most concise, and interesting today.

Anyone who has the same interest, download The Baby In Yellow to play now. 

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