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NameThe Archers 2
Package Namecom.byv.TheArchers2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
RequiresAndroid 5.0

The Archers 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money), one of the most attractive archery games on mobile has been released. Install the APK file on your device and experience it now!

Introduce about The Archers 2

The Archers 2 is an entertainment game released by BYV after the success of its predecessor. The developer has added many new challenges and fixed a few minor bugs from the old version.


The Archers 2 is a trajectory archery game, it is inspired by games of the same genre such as Angry Birds and Bowmasters. Unlike shooting games, The Archers 2 revolves around the bow and arrow and a context in each level.

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The Archers 2 has many modes. But basically, the way to play between modes has not changed much.

As an archer, to damage enemies, you need to touch the screen, then swipe in the opposite direction. When you let go your finger, the character will shoot archery or throw weapons. The game uses physical rules to help you feel close to reality.

In each level, you need to defeat all enemies to win and advance to the next level. Overall, the gameplay of The Archers 2 is quite simple, but that doesn’t mean that everything is easy to overcome. Especially when your opponents are good marksmen and have no mercy.

Some factors to win

Like the first version, The Archers 2 focuses on accuracy. You must calculate the force and angle to get an accurate shot.

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Speed is also important. When you are alone against an army of aggressors, if you can not damage all in a short time, they will soon kill you.

Because of the factors mentioned above, you need to aim at the weak points to knock someone out faster. A blow to the chest or to the head will cause more damage when you shoot at the opponent’s arms or legs.

Overall, The Archers 2 is a great form of entertainment. Each match lasts only one to two minutes, and you can play unlimited if defeated.

Hundreds of missions

The Archers 2 has hundreds of levels for you to experience. Each level is a new challenge, the context is changed and you face more dangerous enemies.

In some special stages, the game also has the appearance of obstacles and bosses. These two factors make the war more dramatic and unpredictable. So you need to train your skills and speed, do not forget to upgrade weapons to have enough strength to overcome the challenges of the game.


The game offers you a variety of weapons such as bows, spears, shurikens, axes and swords to fight off monsters. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, the axe, although moving slowly but very high damage. Meanwhile, the arrow is a bit weaker, but the arrow’s movement speed is much faster.

However, you need to increase your level and complete more tasks if you want to unlock new weapons.

Upgrade bow and arrow

An arrow needs an upgrade if you want it to fly further. The Archers 2 has integrated upgrade features. This means that, if you have a high-class bow and arrow, you have the opportunity to become an archery champion and lead the rankings.

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Basically, the upgrade will increase the indicators of speed, power, accuracy for weapons. Owning a good weapon gives you half the hope of winning against the giant boss and hundreds of other monsters. However, do not be so subjective. Because the ability to adjust the angle and force to arrow through the enemy’s weaknesses is really an important factor.


The Archers 2 focuses on developing entertainment, so its graphics are quite simple, dominated by two tones white and black.

The characters are based on a 2D platform, including shapes without eyes and detailed emotions. This minimalism makes the game compatible on a wide range of devices, including low-end devices.

MOD APK version of The Archers 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: You have a lot of coins after opening the game.

Download The Archers 2 MOD APK for Android

The Archers 2 will awaken your ingenuity through challenging levels. Download this game via the links below the article.

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