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TERA: Endless War, the Android version of the popular MMORPG, TERA, is officially released. You can download the APK and OBB files on APKMODY and take part in the fight at Arborea.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about TERA: Endless War
    1. Plot
    2. Gameplay
    3. Conquer Arborea
    4. The character system is built in detail
    5. Join Guild and fight with your friends
    6. Graphics
  2. Download TERA: Endless War APK for Android

Introduce about TERA: Endless War

TERA: Endless War is a mobile version of the popular game in Korea, MMORPG TERA. However, many of the original elements have been changed to suit the player’s platform and needs. Typically, the MMORPG gameplay has turned into SLG tactical gameplay, with a simple and equally interesting mechanism.

In this article, we will explore the content and some outstanding features of TERA: Endless War. Let’s explore with me!


Arun and Shara are the two gods of the world. In a dream, they created Arborea and fierce battles. Twelve deities were created to restore the balance of the world. Unfortunately, the war has spread, causing the gods to lose control and even fight each other.

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Some living creatures have been wiped out. Some other races have formed a coalition, trying to capture the kingdoms TERA, Arborea and two continents, Arun and Shara. Now, the alliance race is becoming a great threat, beyond the control ability of the two gods Arun and Shara.


TERA: Endless War is based on a part of the storyline about the battle to defend Aleppo Reia stronghold from the invasion of the Alekun race. You play as a savior of Aleppo Reia, whose mission is to summon the most powerful heroes and races, who will defeat the evil.

TERA Endless War gameplay

From the moment you take control of the game, you will notice a fierce fight going on in Aleppo Reia. You are in the role of a leader, trying to control your four characters through the tactical screen to defeat the enemy. TERA: Endless War has transformed the gameplay into an SLG strategy. It’s pretty easy to play because everything happens automatically. For the most part, you just need to wait for the character to gain fury, then click on the character’s icon to use special skills.

Conquer Arborea

Arborea is a large continent, with as many as 50 kingdoms and lands you can set foot in. Of course, you will start in your kingdom – Aleppo Reia, defeating enemies from the Alekun race.

TERA Endless War apk

New maps and lands will be unlocked later. Although you are not able to set foot, you can still preview some content on the map at the homepage.

However, there is one thing that you should consider. There are many potential dangers. You cannot know what awaits you in the new lands. It is also part of Arborea, where it is not yet reunified and war is still going. Any trespassing could cause the riot to emerge again. Therefore, develop your forces to be ready to fight!

The character system is built in detail

It’s worth mentioning in TERA: Endless War is the character system. The character’s races and backgrounds are diverse. These things contribute to the special strengths and skills of the characters. You can check these when observing him in combat, or through the information provided by the system.

Characters can evolve through the process of fighting. Levels and ranks will be raised. You can also increase the strength of your character through the equipment system and the Rune system.

Join Guild and fight with your friends

The starting point of TERA: Endless War is an MMORPG, a genre with classic Guild features. And Bluehole Studio did not remove this feature from their mobile adaptation. This is really great!

Thanks to the Guild feature, you can team-up and cooperate with other members to fight together. They can assist you in the battle, or become a rearguard, helping you transport resources.

In addition, TERA: Endless War is also constantly updating events and quests dedicated to Guild. A lot of valuable rewards are waiting for you!


TERA: Endless War uses Unreal4 Engine graphics technology to build graphics, visuals, characters and combat effects. The scenes, characters or expressions on the faces of the warriors are portrayed very truthfully and vividly.

Besides, the game uses high-quality sound, constantly changing angles and integrates with short videos, contributing to a seamless and engaging story.

Download TERA: Endless War APK for Android

TERA: Endless War is a very immersive game to look forward to this year. The game offers a new, sharp SLG tactical experience with thrilling content about the war of warriors and gods. You will feel regret if you ignore this super product. Download the game, install it on your Android device. Accompany the heroes Aleppo Reia, fight Alekun and conquer Arborea!

TERA: Endless War v1.2.3.3 APK

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