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NameTap Tap Trillionaire
Package Namecom.pixio.google.ttb
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Tap Tap Trillionaire MOD APK is an investment simulation game launched in 2016 and so far, has always been at the top of the favorite simulation games on the mobile platform. In the game, you will be a smart investor, with clever moves, step by step becoming a Door Street investment tycoon.

Introduce about Tap Tap Trillionaire

Have you mastered the principle “money makes money”?

The game simulates an abstract job in the easiest way to understand

Tap Tap Trillionaire simulates quite special work: currency investment and trading of assets.

Just thinking of “investment” is very abstract. So, Tap Tap Trillionaire chose for itself a funny and absurd opening way: touch the screen to get money. This, in my opinion, comes from the phrase “money is from empty hands”, meaning that money only comes when you work.

By tapping on the screen, you will have a decent amount of money initially, and a fairly optimistic capitalist spirit. The business journey based on that money will begin. You make money by expanding your business; hiring Traders, Accountants; redecorating your office; starting trading in the market and opening your first smart investment.

Trader’s role in your business

Initially, with a modest amount of money (due to touching the screen), you will only be able to hire a Trader to support your investment. And then when the initial investments are profitable, you will continue to hire more Traders. They will be the ones to help you continuously perform different forms of investment for continuous profit. So, the loop: get money to hire Traders >> Traders make money >> get more money >> hire more Traders will repeat continuously and equal to the extent of your business expansion.

However, there is a note that the level of the Traders you choose to hire will be different. Depending on your level of bravery, you will decide to hire someone suitable for you. But it is the “chicken and egg” principle, good traders make a lot of money but require extremely high salaries, average traders make little money, but the salary is also quite affordable. It’s up to you but remember to not live beyond one’s means the first time.

In Tap Tap Trillionaire, you can hire anyone to be your Trader: from a one-star Dexter intern to a five-star one, or even the legendary Trader Indiana Ford. Remember that the success rate of Traders will depend on their level of proficiency.

The principle of “Buy low, sell high” should be applied thoroughly

This is also a common rule in all businesses. But especially in the investment world, this principle is the gold standard for making money. In Tap Tap Trillionaire, there are many ways for you to continuously profit from your initial investment. There is a group of Door Street dealers who will give you a pretty good chance. You must decide to follow or not. And every decision has the proportion of success or failure in it.

A little hint for you is: Don’t trust anyone too much, including the Trader who is working for you, because they can make a big profit for themselves or bring you “the bones”, and keep “the meat” for themselves. This is a real risk that very often occurs in practice.

And this is the good point of this simulation. It integrates the harsh reality that an investor can encounter, and will teach you valuable lessons for your investment in real life.

“Never leave money idle”

This investment perspective is very evident in Tap Tap Trillionaire. While the company’s working group (including Traders and accountants) is working hard to buy and sell and make a profit for the business, you can use this profit to invest more and more: stock investment and trading of an asset. Your task is to take advantage of 45 different assets available in the game and catch market trends to make accurate investment decisions. Do it yourself and experience it yourself without your trader.

This is the way the big bosses always do to have no-one-knows profits as the ideal backup in case the main business has problems. The principle is still “money should never stay idle”, they need to be always transferred to bring a constant profit for you.

Expanding business attracts huge investment

Once you have a great amount of money in hand, it’s time to think about decorating, expanding your office, moving your workplace to a more luxurious and imposing building. It is a time factor to attract larger investors in the future, promising to bring great investments to the company, so that Traders continue to bring more abundant and spectacular cash flows for your Business. Do these with the money you have in a reasonable way as quickly as possible to attract more people to invest in your business.

The final climax is when you become a Door Street tycoon, who in the past gave you golden investment advice to get you started and go to the success you are today. You will sit on the money and reminisce about the path you have traveled. You will feel everything like a dream in which there are ups and downs, hardships, but in the end, the sweet fruit is still the wealth that not everyone has.

Graphics and sound in the game

It just has 8-bit images, but the details are clear, especially the money and types of assets you have in hand. The images of the Traders also portray the personality that you have to be wary of. Very few simulation games can integrate real dexterity like life like this game.

The sound is light background music, accompanied by small effects, which also contributes to creating a lot of excitement when playing.

MOD APK version of Tap Tap Trillionaire

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can upgrade, unlock and buy as you like.

Download Tap Tap Trillionaire MOD APK for Android

In short, are you looking for a pure game about investing, trading, one that can well simulate real life, including unpredictable things and risks that may happen in business? Or are you looking to learn more market experience to embark on the investment path in the future? I highly recommend you play Tap Tap Trillionaire. It will help you a lot.

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