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NameTaonga Island Adventure
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Hello, Taonga Island Adventure APK is a farm game for guys who are dreaming of leaving the city to return to their hometown. This time our “hometown” is an archipelago of islands far away named Taoga. Ready? Let’s go!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Taoga Island Adventure
    1. The story
    2. The future island owner
    3. Forest exploration
    4. Farm building and relationship building
    5. Buying and selling
  2. Download Taonga Island Adventure APK for Android

Introduce about Taoga Island Adventure

The road to becoming an owner of the island

The story

It’s no stranger to the opening way of farm games. Either way, it follows the pattern of a deceased relative leaving a will, or someone suddenly disappearing away leaving a valuable real estate inheritance for you.

Taoga Island Adventure is no exception. Your uncle passed away. One day, you received a mysterious letter from him. This letter has led you to a place, a land he has worked hard to find and wants you to come to improve this place. At first, you thought it was a small and simple place, but when you reached it, you were shocking. The place put into your hands is exactly a poetic island. The name is Taoga.

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And from there, life officially took a turn. You embark on a series of adventures on this beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here, you not only meet new friends, explore the incredible scenery around, but also build the future of the island yourself.

The future island owner

In the beginning, you start with small things like building huts, building trails, planting trees, raising animals, planting flowers. Gradually you will progress to building a large and majestic farm, and then slowly explore the wild jungle in the island archipelago. The ancient mystery left here is also gradually unearthed. And finally, you will find the love of your life on this poetic island.

Play for a while, I think that this would be unrealistic in real life. The fact that you suddenly come to a strange place, build your own island, is very unthinkable. It must have the opposition of the aboriginal people, who have been there for generations. But it’s a game, so anything can happen.

There are a few things that I find interesting while playing and I will share them for everyone to know.

Forest exploration

The island is still quite wild. Although Aboriginal people were living and also having their own lives. But with unspoiled civilization conditions, they are still only clustered in their areas. It seems that no one is interested in curious around. Only you, the girl from the modern world, are always on fire with her, ready to cross the forest and wade through streams to learn around.

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The reward for the intrepid is the year-round lush tropical greenery that can be brought back for planting. But the biggest must include precious treasures and magical secrets buried deep underground or somewhere in the forest. Just find it, you will have a lot of valuable things in your hand.

Farm building and relationship building

In the game, you are quite resourceful. From a simple shelter, you gradually improve the surrounding small land. This place grows rice, there grows corn, potatoes, and fruits. Alternating planting, alternating harvesting, and picking fruits to have enough food for the long months ahead.

Not only planting and caring for crops, but you also raise livestock. Chickens, goats, dairy cows, ducks… all have your skillful hands raised and promise a day for eggs, milk, and meat.

Food made and harvested you can use to exchange with island residents to get other items you need such as farm tools, livestock tools or sell for money. Some people even have the same interests and aspirations as you. Inviting them to go to the forest or explore the secret parts of the island, is also a very good experience.

Buying and selling

When the farm has overgrown, and your needs also go further. Then it is necessary to spread your influence to other villages. Use products from your farm to trade, trade with many people to get more rare and useful items. You will gradually become the “island owner”.

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And maybe, you will find the “destiny” of your life on this island? Then from here, the island is your home, where you decide to spend the rest of your life.

Download Taonga Island Adventure APK for Android

In short, this game is very interesting. Not a masterpiece, but it has a lot of positive energy. After playing this game, inspiration will be overflowed and faith in the love of life will become intense. Those of you who are in a low mood, try it out.

Taonga Island Adventure v1.2.1-1+4375 APK

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