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NameTank Stars 2
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Have you ever wondered how violent it would be if a tank collided with a tank? Find the answers in this fun colorful yet heavy-duty strategy game called Tank Stars 2 MOD APK.

Introduce about Tank Stars 2

A tank battle game with many sharp improvements in gameplay and aiming mechanics!

Battlefield of armored vehicles

On the battlefield, tanks are known as heavy fighting machines. This armored vehicle when appearing on the battlefield is accompanied by fiery bombardment. Tanks clashing with infantry units and other combat weapons is already too much of an advantage. Can you imagine how it will be when the tank collides with the tank? All the most drastic situations revolving around a series of battle-ready tanks will be available in the game Tank Stars 2.

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Tank Stars 2 simulates fierce battles between tank corps. As a corps commander, you will control the tank to move according to your tactics, crossing complex terrains, tracking and killing enemies before they can point their guns at you.

Improved shooting angle

Tank Stars 2 is the second version of the game of the same name. Compared to the previous part, the biggest improvement lies in the shooting angle. The firing angle of the tank array in this second part has been faster, the missile line mechanism is also more accurate and reasonable. These improvements have resulted in a more tactical experience. At the same time, it balances between entertainment and tactics gives players many opportunities to show off their talents, compete, and increase their fighting skills.

Tank system

If in some fighting games or world war, tanks almost only appear scattered with the role of highlight, then in Tank Stars 2, tanks are the main combat weapon. You can choose tanks for each battle. Control them to move on the terrain (mountain, hill, jungle…), identify targets, bombard and destroy enemies everywhere. In the game, you see tanks everywhere, of all colors, shapes, sizes, and with many different types of power.

For each won battle, you will get gold. This gold is used to upgrade weapons, strengthen tanks, or buy new tanks, collect rocket cards, upgrade missiles… When you collect enough tank cards or cards regard of missiles, you will be able to switch to increasing their enhancement such as increasing health, increasing the vehicle’s resistance, or increasing the amount of damage when hitting an enemy.

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Tank Stars 2 has a total of more than 15 heavy tank models. Each vehicle has a different appearance, attribute stats, and a different weapon. Take the Buratino tank, for example, with its angular, muscular appearance, which can discharge a series of M.I.R.V missiles on enemy vehicles. This type of missile can spread mass damage and kill many enemies at the same time. Or like the Abrams itself thought it was weak at first, but when you use it, you will understand its destructive power is also very dreadful.

Shoot tanks to relieve stress

This game’s also different from many other strategy games, heavy on the mind and the displays of the stylish array of troops. Strategy in Tank Stars 2 is quite simple. Mainly different in the selection of weapons, calculated to fire at the right time. Fighting in Tank Stars 2 also takes up a lot of time. Tanks are specialized means of bombardment. So you will have a lot of time to shoot in Tank Stars 2. When shooting down enemies without having to calculate too much, the mind will be very light. It also relieves stress effectively without having to do anything complicated.

Tank Stars 2 is one of the few strategic games, intense bombardment, but does not require players too many skills or complicated manipulation. Many levels are brief but enough to leave a lot of excitement. Your job is just to choose a name for the tank, choose the correct angle of fire when approaching the enemy close enough, and fire.

The most difficult of the above operations is probably aiming at coordinates. This quick combat mechanism will help you and your opponent take turns firing bullets and missiles at each other. The situation will quickly reveal itself and come to a clear victory and defeat in just a moment.

To add excitement and emulation in Tank Stars 2, the game offers 4 game modes; vs AI, vs Friends, Online PvP, and Tournament. Whichever model you choose, you can unleash your full potential with your tactical and combat skills.


The way to fire the tanks is also very simple, it’s fine to shoot individually, but it’s also ok to shoot continuously. The general rule is that the farther the joystick pulls from the center, the stronger the firing force and vice versa. Touching the screen to rotate the joystick around the center will help you determine the best angle to shoot while in battle.

But remember that before firing always need to carefully observe the enemy’s position. This targeting and timing is also part of Tank Stars 2’s fundamental strategy. Because it takes just a hundredth of a second to miss your advantage.

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In case the enemy is in a good spot, you should choose a shooting angle to aim directly at the enemy. In case the enemy is lurking somewhere, or a bit far from you, you will decide for yourself whether to move a little closer or stay there and take the risk. Weigh, decide between your opportunity and time. Which one to choose is all up to you. In the right situations, you can also use rocket weapons to shoot consecutively at enemies for mass destruction or spread them out so you can aim better.

Graphics and sound

This time to talk about Tank Stars 2, I will talk about the sound first. The sound in this part is very much better. The sound of explosions, intense fires, the roar of rockets, and a series of intense shaking effects when fighting. Everything seems to be no longer simply a game, but an experience of heavy weapons and vehicles.

The sound is epic, but the 2D graphics style of Tank Stars 2 is very fun with colorful, fast, and smooth movement. Tanks are getting bigger and bigger, rockets are both beautiful and destructive. The graphics and sounds of Tank Stars 2 seem to be difficult to criticize.

Or you can try Tank Stars.

MOD APK version of Tank Stars 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money does not decrease.

Download Tank Stars 2 APK & MOD for Android

Tank Stars 2 brings many surprises even for those who have played the previous part. This game part clearly has a great improvement in the ability to aim and path of weapons, and a series of other small additions during the gameplay. In short, if you want to play tank combat, you can’t ignore Tank Stars 2.

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