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The big games publisher Outfit7 has shown its ambition when it comes to tactical games with the introduction of Talking Tom Camp APK. Previously, the company’s games were fun and entertaining, typically Talking Tom Pool or My Talking Tom, and its latest game featured tactics and calculations.

Overview information

NameTalking Tom Camp
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

A very different Tom

The game is about a war of cats when the cats are intense conflict and you will be the one who helps Tom in fighting against all the enemies of this cat in the world with weapons that he collected after summer at Tom’s Pool. A tense battle and a brainwave, when the loser loses all territory and is “wet like a rat”.

Talking Tom Camp is still a game with the participation of the cat shrimp but its gameplay has changed a lot. If Tom had just been playing and receiving care from his master before, the cat would be much stronger now than the dangers surrounding him.


Talking Tom Camp mod

You will start the game with a few small things. And you need to help Tom to build his own territory and become mighty. Start your fight by building houses, soldiers barracks, mining and buying soldiers.

Water fight

Talking Tom Camp apk

When you have everything, you can start attacking the works of other players. Look for other players around the world and visit their homes. When you decide to take over, you will have to take the initiative to fight with them and to win if you want to get huge blocks of wealth.

Battles like this are time-limited. And you will have to scrutinize your strategy before taking over. Because if the war fails, you will lose a lot of money that you invested in the military. You see the entire map of the enemy, so direct the soldiers to positions where your opponent is the weakest defence and destroy their defence.

There will be many plans and it is great if you build a strong army so your battle will take place in a hurry and victory will not be a difficult thing.


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Of course, in the game Talking Tom Camp, other players can attack you. Whether you are invaded or not is based entirely on your strategic defensive capabilities. Do not be too concerned about going out and forgetting about defending your own territory. Make money to build defensive structures, soldiers systems and solid fences.

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Talking Tom Camp graphics

A real strategy game, but the design style of Talking Tom Camp follows the traditional style of Outfit7. This makes the game more unique and still retains the goodness and features of their own.

The game now supports both iOS and Android platforms. So if you want to play this game, download Talking Tom Camp now.

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