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Tacticool APK + MOD (1.49.10 / Mod: Unlimited money) v1.54.0

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Package Namecom.panzerdog.tacticool
MOD Features1.49.10 / Mod: Unlimited money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Tacticool APK is a third-person shooter action game for mobile from the developer Panzerdog. A special highlight of the game is the extremely thrilling 5v5 mode.

Introduce about Tacticool

A 5v5 shooter game that makes you want to stop breathing!

Crazy third-person shooter game for Android

Tacticool is exactly an online shooter game that you should play if you want to enjoy thrilling shooting scenes with teammates.

Join the game, you can choose your character. Each soldier has its own character and stats. Find a soldier you like best. Through the game rounds, if you win, depending on the KDA, you will get bonus, from which you will get upgrades to increase strength, HP, weapons… The stronger you are, the more energetic you will be and make more victories, so are you and your teammates. Each match lasts 3 minutes. If you die, you will respawn after 6 seconds.

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Wondering if you can shoot your teammates? The answer is no. Unlike CS: GO, you and your teammates only take damage from enemies.

Tacticool is designed with a third-person perspective for a reason. The whole scene appears clearly, without missing any details, both wide and airy, making it easy for you to see your enemies and brothers. A third-person perspective is not simply a back-to-front or top-down view, but a combination of many different angles. The entire battle shows up as dramatic almost full 360 degrees. That allows you to enjoy every detailed shooting scene, while also having a bird’s eye view of the ongoing battle.

Some elements can be used on the battlefield

Another good point. In Tacticool, you can use a number of vehicles available on the battlefield. Driving is not difficult at all. You just need to change direction (like controlling a character) and move forward. Importantly, this car is not for fun, but also a heavy weapon that the enemy needs to be very wary of. Some vehicles can move extremely fast, in order to pass through enemy areas easily.

Some special vehicles also have a rear-mounted machine gun. I especially like the combos with these cars. That is, a teammate drives the car, and you can jump into the trunk to use a machine gun to fire at the enemy below. This tactic always effectively. Trust me!

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I’ve been worrying about the team mode for a while but forgot to mention the part I really like about Tacticool, which is also different from other third-person shooter games. The game is not superficial or just focuses on shooting scenes, it also describes very detailed and reasonable physics rules, such as the type of bullet path, the ratio of obstacles, the range of obstacles, the way the players roll around and support each other… Everything is logical, like a Hollywood action movie. This is something that I currently see not many multiplayer shooter games can do.

Weapons and characters

With a shooter game in any mode, weapons and attractive upgrades are always the reason to pull players to stay with the game. In Tacticool, you have up to 50 different weapons including guns and knives, such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, knives, grenades, sniper rifles, C4 …

Characters in Tacticool are as diverse as your weapons. Maybe it’s a group of mercenaries, bandits, criminals or creepy zombies. Furthermore, each character has some extra attributes. For example, Boris takes 20% less damage from bullets and melee. Thor reduces bullet dispersion by 25%. Rick gains 25% fire speed, but his health is reduced to 1900.

Tactical element

Because each character has a different strength, based on the maps, missions and enemies, you will find your own role as well as the best strategy to coordinate with your teammates to destroy the enemy. . You don’t just focus on shooting skills like normal shooting games. Even the game supports you to shoot automatically every time you have enough attack range and aim at the enemy.

Tacticool for Android

Tips for new players: surprise actions, flash attacks, constantly communicate and coordinate with teammates, don’t be so focused on the kill points that you forget about your teammates. With a third-person perspective, Tacticool is more like a MOBA game. You need to find a role of your own in battle. Remember, players who know how to coordinate with teammates have a higher win rate.

The interface of a classic shooter game on mobile

Tacticool’s gameplay is actually quite simple, so you probably want to focus on the strategy part. On the bottom left of the screen are the directional buttons, the right includes the keys to select weapons, roll forward, use grenades, change ammunition. A tip for you, when you roll, the enemy can’t hit you for a second. Use that to surprise your enemies.

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Beautiful graphics, enchanting sounds, attractive gameplay. This game worth playing every minute. If you have comrades with the same hobby of shooting, they invite you to play. Are you ready to join the most thrilling and exciting gunfight on mobile? Download Tacticool now!

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