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T3 Arena APK is a 3v3 shooter with challenging gameplay, fast-paced, beautiful visuals, fun colors, futuristic direction, nifty controls, cool faction heroes. Do you want to try this quality action game?

Introduce about T3 Arena

Join forces and fight in fierce 3v3 battles!

When playing T3 Arena, you can team up with friends, choose a character, join the battle, upgrade, fight, unlock skills, unlock new heroes… It’s almost the same as other common shooters, so what makes T3 Arena different?


T3 Arena is one of the rare modern team shooters that are colorful, fast-paced but have a pretty good story. The story takes place in the interplanetary space of the future. In that universe, T Crystal is an extremely rare energy stone, whoever possesses it will have the opportunity to become the hegemony of the universe. Instead of letting the factions run wild and find all sorts of tricks to get the T Crystal, the Supreme Leader of the whole galaxy set up the T3 Arena, a place where people from all over the world will gather here, fight each other on the vast field to win the T Crystal.

Players have the right to choose their favorite characters from the options available from the game: Rock star, former soldier, mysterious hacker, mutant animal, and aliens. Freedom to choose, fight, collect achievements and upgrade, gradually change the appearance and strength of the character.


Each match in T3 Arena lasts less than 5 minutes for all game modes. You won’t need to feel too heavy responsibility or have to chase long tasks, inviting friends to play with it is also less boring. This is one of the strengths of this 3v3 shooting game.

At the beginning of the game, you will be chosen to transform into 1 of 14 available characters. Each character will have 1 weapon and 2 special skills. When playing, you need to increase your vigilance to observe the objects, make full use of the 2 inherent skills of the character, and hit the target when they appear.

Each game mode is divided into many matches. But the matches all have in common are well-balanced. Weapons that do great damage will have less ammo, or have a long reload time, and vice versa. So even if you have any weapons, you also have your own advantage over your opponent.

In the process of playing, you will in turn be upgraded both in terms of skill strength and accompanying weapons. You have to collect the pieces of the character and when enough numbers will be upgraded.

Game mode

T3 Arena is quite rich in game modes. There are 6 game modes with 15 competitive maps, depending on your preference and desire to challenge, you can choose to play the corresponding mode:

  • Team Deathmatch (3v3): You will form a team of 3, and face off against a team of 3 from another group. The first team to get 20 eliminations wins.
  • Crystal Assault (3v3): This game mode is highly strategic, forcing you to define the fighting style to Attack or defense. You don’t get too excited about the battle but fall in love with the art style of T3 Arena, or simply want to show off a strategy that hasn’t been challenged for a long time. All will be in this game mode.
  • Control (3v3): This game mode will show the player’s ability to cooperate and teamwork. You need to control every point on the map and find a way to keep it until the end after destroying all the surrounding enemies.
  • 4/ Payload (3v3): In this mode, both teams have to focus on the Blocks. If you let the enemy fill all the blocks to the finish line first, before the time limit expires, you lose. And when successfully blocking the way until the time is up, you will win.
  • Payload Race (3v3): In Payload Race, both teams have their own blocks of goods, both compete for the finish line to see who is faster to be the winner.
  • Free For All (Solo): Fight solo with other players on a chaotic battlefield. You will have 6 characters to choose from and start fighting with the remaining players regardless of the number and timing. Whoever gets 12 points will be the winner.

Automatic Weapons

Usually with fighting games, if the weapon is supported automatically, it will sometimes make the game boring. T3 Arena has solved this problem by giving players a massive Armory that slowly opens after upgrades.

Each item has an automatic attack mechanism. As long as you touch the enemy, press the button, the weapon will automatically hit the target and kill it. Although the design of automatic weapons, it is the remarkable richness of the weapons when in the game with all kinds of guns, knives, and different that has contributed to the competitiveness in this game.

Not to mention the weapons can also be upgraded through the game. The opponent is also getting stronger, the battle is increasingly tense with complex terrain, many shelters, but also full of the danger of pitfalls appearing on the road.

Cute anime graphics

Although it is a team shooter, T3 Arena possesses lovely bright graphics and visuals, bold modern anime. Future context, characters, weapons from the future, colors mixed with hot colors, lots of energy, impressive explosion effects on mobile. You will always maintain your inspiration from the beginning to the end of this shooting game.

Download T3 Arena APK for Android

In short, T3 Arena is a 3v3 shooter with a fast tempo, many support mechanisms. For skilled shooters, automatic weapons can lead to a bit of leisure. But for new players, getting acquainted with shooting games for the first time, T3 Arena is a very exciting shooter.

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