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NameSuspects: Mystery Mansion
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesEasy Game
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK is an action game from the publisher Wildlife Studios. In the game, you play a detective who is invited by the owner of a mysterious mansion to investigate a death. Not only you but also 8 other people are invited as well. But among them is the real killer.

Introduce about Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Fragile friendship like smog

Although often being compared with Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion has its own novelty

The game begins with the fact that you are being invited to a mysterious mansion to investigate a case. Along with you, 8 other detectives are also invited. The tasks are the same, but the ways all of you do and handle problems are different. And most importantly, hidden among nine people present in the mansion is the real killer. In my opinion, it is a bit more like Conan than Among Us. Because the character-shaping is very proper, not just confusing color lumps. And because of the scene that we are going into very “dark”, slightly horror-like in real life, not on the grounds of a spaceship like in Among Us. And all 9 people are not repairing ships but searching for clues to bring things to light.

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The biggest difference between Suspects: Mystery Mansion and Among Us is the killing method of the killer. In Among Us, the killer had just stuck a knife at his victim and then fled by all means. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, the murderer has 1001 ways to assassinate other members such as using electric shock, stabbing a knife, sneakily shooting from behind, offering poisonous food, suffocating … It seems that the gameplay is more complicated than one other game following Among Us, Among Us: Crew vs Imposter, but because it’s still on a mobile platform, it’s impossible to be as deep as Among Us the original PC.

Whoever you are, you also need to perform your duties and vote who the killer is

At the beginning of the game when you have chosen your identity, the game will automatically let you know which character of the three groups you play. And respectively, a to-do list will appear. The game begins. With clear and detailed instructions, Suspects: Mystery Mansion will not make you awkwardly walk the building. The horizontal screen is also an advantage of Suspects: Mystery Mansion compared to Among Us, which allows players to see many things at the same time. The left side is the task list, in the middle is the main movement screen, on the right is the small map for you to identify which direction you are going on and who you are about to bump into.

Accordingly, players are divided into 3 groups:

  • Group of visitors: the mission is to complete the tasks assigned to each room in the mansion, participate in discussions, and vote for the suspect.
  • Detective group: the mission is to find out the killer before he goes out to kill everyone in the group.
  • Murderer: the mission is to kill all the players present and overcome the suspicions of those around them.

And whatever role you play, you also need to do all the assigned missions and go through the votes before moving to the new level (if lucky, you are not picked at the same time and gotten thrown from the building).

The gameplay is more about investigating than trying to catch a murderer

The gameplay of Suspects: Mystery Mansion is also quite understandable if you have played through a similar genre like this. What all people (except the killer) need to do is to find the villain hiding in the crowd in this building.

In each battle, all 9 people will participate in a mysterious case, and perform a series of missions around the mansion. After each of these mini-missions you will get some clues to find the serial killer. When someone dies or an unusual event occurs, players will ring a bell to call people to gather to discuss, speak their doubts and vote for the person you are suspicious of (or pretend) is the killer. The person with the most votes in each round will be struck by lightning.

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If you complete the assigned task well and contribute to finding the last villain, you will get a lot of diamonds and bonus points. Earning points for the next level will help you get more hints along the way to identify the murderer faster and more accurately.

Your main action in the game is just a touch of the screen. Touch to go forward, touch to perform tasks (such as a puzzle, picture calibration, lighting, fixing gramophone …), touch to ring the alarm, touch to vote … But behind those choices, you will need to consider very carefully and pay attention to every small detail on the road. This is the very interesting point of Suspects: Mystery Mansion compared to the original version Among Us that people often use to compare.

Graphics, colors, and sounds

There are quite a few differences between Suspects: Mystery Mansion and previous similar games. But the biggest difference is about the graphics. Unlike the characters with confusing similar resemblances, Suspects: Mystery Mansion has chosen animal figures to design the character. The nine characters in each scene look different and easy to identify, and they also look much better than the other masked astronauts.

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The game screen also has a diverse and sophisticated design. For example, the first scene is the mansion, everything there is arranged carefully and sharply, which makes the player both excited and creepy.

Speaking of “creepy”, there must be sound. It is just simple, non-verbal background music with discrete piano keys, accompanied by the sound of your own footsteps and the sound of objects when performing tasks. But overall, it creates a menacing and rather dark space. Many times, it made me feel most sensational when I was playing, the bell rang loudly to announce the vote of the killer.

MOD APK version of Suspects: Mystery Mansion

MOD feature

Easy Game: You can instantly complete any task!

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion APK & MOD for Android

This game is reviewed by many people as having gameplay similar to Among Us, on the mobile platform. However, this year it seems that Suspects: Mystery Mansion has more advantage when presenting the game with a new form and overcoming many weaknesses of Among Us.

It’s worth playing! I like it more than Among Us. Download the game to play now!

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