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NameSurvival on Raft
PublisherMegaplay Studios
MOD FeaturesCheat Panel
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Survival on Raft MOD APK, from the publisher Megaplay Studios Free Games, is a survival battle simulation game. Do everything yourself, protect your own life in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. That’s what makes this game so much different.

Introduce about Survival on Raft

A happy ending for the brave

Escape from death’s door

The game opens with a familiar scene in a passenger plane. While everything seems to be very normal, you, because of some unknown hunch, opened the plane window and looked out. A column of black smoke rose, accompanied by a terrible noise and a roaring fire. No one had time to react or even understand what was happening. The screen turned off.

Survival and Craft

You woke up and were dizzy from a headache. You held an iron hook on your hands, which was also the most valuable item given by the game at that time. Everything around was chaotic and silent. Perhaps everyone in the plane was no longer alive. Probably so. And the truth is that only you were lucky to escape death, and were floating on the big piece of wood, in the middle of the immense sea.

In this situation, life is the only thing you must preserve. Technology, techniques, available items, all are just distant concepts. You have been completely ripped from human civilization and struggling with survival here.

Then enter a new door of death

Let’s see if there is anything around that will threaten your fragile lives. The ocean is full of saltwater with no food and drink, hot sun, hungry sharks, sickness, storms, big waves, and winds… Falling into this harsh situation, you can realize that in fact, humans are the weakest creatures. We are unable to heal on our own and are always small before nature.

But when I played this game, before I despaired, I also suddenly realized the truth of life was that ‘even if we are thrown into the most difficult place, to live is to have everything’. In here, from the moment you realize that your life is threatened, you will have to do everything with your hands to survive to the end, until hope suddenly comes.

Everything from the hands

Fortunately, you also have some craftsmanship. What you need is time and energy. Using the big sharp iron in hand, you begin to collect as many as possible pieces floating around the wooden raft you are standing on. The goal is to survive as long as possible. And to do this, we must constantly craft and build many things to defend, find food, find water,  build shelter, and make weapons against potential enemies every day.

Pieces of wood with different shapes caught from the water will help you make a device to catch rainwater and catch dew to get fresh water. The drink problem is considered solved. Sometimes you also find a few cans of food or water dropped from the plane wreckage, and it also helps you survive a few days. But in the long run, you must find other food sources. So, from the scattered pieces of wood and metal collected, you will create slingshots and hooks used to fish out for food. Wood is also used to create fire to warm the body at night and cook food.

Survival and Craft MOD APK download

You are so skillful that you can find some fresh fruits and vegetables and make humus from wood and grow small crops right on your raft. This is also one of the long-term food sources good for health. At this point, the food problem is also considered to be okay.

Also, from the materials and tools continuously obtained while floating, you begin to expand your wooden raft, build a small hut on it to shelter at night, and avoid bad weather. You start creating devices that make your raft go faster, hoping to find land before you run out of energy. All of these are done by your own hands.

The biggest secret to survival in the ocean is: don’t miss any items, just collect as much as you can. If it is not useful now, it will be useful later.

Balance is everything

And every time you make something, you lose a lot of energy. The key to the game is not only to work hard but Balance and maintain the survival stats. Those stats include Health, Hunger, and Thirst. If one of the three factors above declines, it is necessary to regain balance immediately by adding the right energy source, unless you will fall without braking and quickly burn out.

Survival and Craft for Android

Multiplayer mode

Unlike other sea survival games where there is usually only a single-player survival mode. In Survival on Raft, you can play either single or multiplayer mode. When playing with many friends, you can collect resources together, build rafts and help each other survive in the endless and dangerous ocean. This experience is also very appealing, believe me! I tried to invite my friend to play together, it was indeed warmer and more welcoming than struggling to survive alone. I will always choose this multiplayer mode.

MOD APK version of Survival on Raft

MOD feature

Show Cheat Panel


You touch “Cheats (F1)” on the left corner of the screen to enable Cheat Panel. Take a look at the images below:

Survival and Craft MOD feature
Survival and Craft MOD by APKMODY

Download Survival on Raft MOD APK for Android

The detail of the 3D graphics and the items is, no matter how small, very delicate. Especially, the game lets you do everything yourself and build and survive from nothing, which is literally for brothers with architect blood. Allowing players to experience the harsh survival while doing everything themselves, Survival on Raft is different and attracts a lot of players, right? You must try it; it will never let you down.

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  • swlwwchase5 avatar
    SWLsparky 1227

    Nice game, customization is the funniest part of anything and the menu is there. The only problem is, how do you change the language? I dont understand anything that the menu says. Thank you

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