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Name​SuperStar BTS
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RequiresAndroid 4.1

About ​SuperStar BTS

BTS is a hip-hop band from Korea who owns two companies, Big Hit Entertainment in Korea and Def Jam Japan in Japan. The band of 7 handsome guys, is the lover in the dream of how many girls. BTS’s songs currently occupy the highest positions on the Korean music market as well as Asia.

Based on that inspiration, the publisher Dacomsoft Inc has brought to gamers an incredibly attractive game called SuperStar BTS. The game possesses the rhythm of the music and attracts players to the most majestic music parties. If you are a big fan of BTS, there is no reason why you should skip this great game.

Why is SuperStar BTS so hot?

SuperStar BTS apk

It’s a music game, but SuperStar BTS owns completely different gameplay than AyoDance or Cytus 2. The gameplay is incredibly fun, with a unique creative style. Each time a note arrives, you must press fast and accurately for the song to continue. You will feel like a music witch, a true DJ in this game.

Collecting BTS cards

In addition, you can collect 7 cards of 7 handsome guys in the BTS. There is also a myriad of popular celebrity cards for you to choose from. The cards are divided into 3 types, Normal, Singed (Signed Artist Card) and Prism (signed and glittering). Along with that, each card is also divided into 5 levels from low to high C, B, A, S, R. Plenty of songs to help you upgrade the level of the card gradually up to the maximum level, through Upgrade all cards. If you own a Prism Level R card, congratulations, you’ve become the champion of SuperStar BTS. Do you want to have rapper RM, J-Hope or handsome Jung Kook guy in your team?

Many daily quests

Complete all the daily quests of the game to earn rewards. Every week, SuperStar BTS will open the attractive auction mode. Compete and beat all the opponents in the music arena in the game. When I first played, I used to spend a lot of time catching up on notes in SuperStar BTS. However, once you get used to SuperStar BTS cannot make it difficult anymore. When playing, you should create combo strings to eat more points.

The higher the level, the more you will be attracted by the game mode of SuperStar BTS too attractive. However, many players complained that Normal mode was too difficult. I have played a lot of times but still have not passed the level of the game. I hope that the publisher adjusts to Normal mode a little easier.

SuperStar BTS apk 2

If you are a fan of BTS, this is definitely a paradise for you. Each turn you will enjoy the songs of BTS itself. These songs stretched from the new Debut group until now. However, if you do not like BTS, SuperStar BTS also owns a series of songs of other Korean groups like Big Bang, 7GOT, G Dragon, Black Pink and more.


The interface of SuperStar BTS is designed in harmony, interacts well with players. Not too fussy but it also makes you feel good. Pictures of the BTS guy too handsome, combining sparkling effect that you love at first sight. The game is very smooth, less lag status. This is definitely an interesting addictive music game.

The game publisher is also caring about fix and update, Change UI (Inventory / Card Album / Music Selection / Theme Bonus) regularly.

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Download ​SuperStar BTS APK for Android

Essentially, SuperStar BTS is a name that stands out in the early days of 2018 with a new way that music enthusiasts should try. The game is free on APKMody for all. Now, try to download SuperStar BTS APK and join in this exciting musical journey.

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