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NameSupernatural City
Package Namecom.rovio.supernaturalcity
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy
RequiresAndroid 7.0

Supernatural City MOD APK is a puzzle game from the publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation. You play as Ellie Delmar, who is trying to find her missing father. And from now until then, you realize that you are also an unusual person.

Introduce about Supernatural City

The cutest ghost story I’ve ever known!

The story of the mysterious city, the little girl and the lovely ghosts

With the distinctive fun style of the game producer of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, the mystery in Supernatural City is not scary, but very cute and bright. A story about a young girl, Ellie. One day, Ellie received a strange phone call, saying her father was missing. Ellie immediately flew back to her hometown New Gateway, a modern, monumental and bustling city where she was born and raised.

Supernatural City for Android

Entering the house, she was shocked to see everything messed up, broken and rolling around, and of course her father never appeared. In many different ways, you will find each item one by one, open them up and gather many different sources of power.

You realize that this source of power does not come from reality, but because you have the ability to communicate and feel with souls. Ellie’s life had changed completely from the moment she started talking to the same ghost in her own childhood home. And as a messenger of heaven, Ellie in turn listens and helps the ghosts fulfill their wishes.

In normal life, Ellie is also willing to help people around when they need it and within her ability. But what no one expected is that the living people and the ghosts in Ellie’s house are related to each other. And through these pieces of the puzzle, all the secrets about this mysterious magnificent city gradually reveal, the secrets of her father’s disappearance and the secrets of Ellie herself are slowly revealed.

Gameplay is gentle, simple and energetic

First of all, I have a thank you to the developer team for making a fascinating work of art. Each scene in the game, whether in a static or dynamic state, is the heart of a childhood, the city lights, the night sky full of stars …

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Immersed in that color film is a pretty leisurely gameplay. Ellie is calm in almost everything. The way she handled, listened to instructions from an invisible fairy, and then in turn, faced the challenge quite neatly and slowly, making yourself even though you are transforming into Ellie, your heart is quite peaceful. In the game, you only have 2 main actions:

  • Hear, read, feel everything in your home. Interact with ghosts. Everything has value and meaning. Only when it is completely done will you be transferred to the new scene.
  • Play match-3 puzzles. Almost, after each tutorial or item, you will play match-3 game. Sometimes I get interrupted by my thoughts or feelings, I also feel a bit annoyed, but I have to play match-3 to have enough points to accumulate and continue.

Whether you follow instructions or deal with a living or a ghost’s problems, you have to do these two jobs. And for someone who has had some experience in mobile gaming like you, everything is definitely easy.

The ghosts are both lovable and profound

The characters in the game are abundant. Each person has a separate story, a physique and a unique shape. They have problems that cannot be solved on their own but have to rely on Ellie.

Every time you help someone, you will receive a thank you gift from them, which is also a valuable item. This series of items, along with the items Ellie found along the way along with scores from match-3 levels, will allow Ellie to further explore her own special abilities. Or used to connect, thread together, to understand more about this mysterious city.

Ellie was also not alone during the journey. She will have cute companions, especially the lovely ghost dog. The looks of these friends are super cute.

What really amazes me is how the developer created a multilayered story, with so many characters that were residents (or used to) of New Gateway City. Then the way they relate to each other and to Ellie’s own story, things gradually unravel with an ending that surprises the player.

Graphics and background music

On the journey, Ellie will have the opportunity to go through each city street, discover places she has never gone through. And believe me, the scenes in Supernatural City are beautiful and real.

Supernatural City MOD by APKMODY

About people in the game, I do not need to say anymore, just by looking at the screenshot you can know how cute and vivid everything is created, especially the facial expressions of each character.

Integrating in it is the background music mixed a little mystery and romance. The sound in each action is also gentle and reasonable. Nothing excessive, nothing noisy, just small sounds in life but giving a fresh and very real feeling.

MOD APK version of Supernatural City

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Energy

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Those who want to enjoy the gentle moments of a game with deep and beautiful storyline, please download Supernatural City MOD APK and play now.

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