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Super Fighter M APK is a classic adventure game with the main character Super Mario. But this return, everything is different, from characters to scenes.

Overview information

NameSuper Fighter M
PublisherCayman Game
Version1.8.001 (build 2)
RequiresAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesNo

Super Fighter M: Mario, Peach, Bower and more

The story is too familiar, the classic character for any children. But don’t think the game makes you bored and falter. If you try it once, you will understand why Super Fight M has its own place between dozens of games about Super Mario and the adventure of saving Princess Peach.

First, we have a completely different start

Unlike other Mario versions you have ever played. That means, in the old format, you go through each scene, defeat each small monster, then face the boss and save the princess. In Super Fight M, Mario was confronted with the final boss in the first scene. On the day he proposed to Princess Peach, monsters appeared and stole her away before the eyes of so many people. Thanks to Daisy’s magic, Mario is “thrown” onto the large fleet where Peach and the last boss are on.

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Of course, you also have to overcome a few small monsters. In this game the player’s main action is to touch, spin, slash and attack. Fighting monsters, collecting money, items are all the same operation, so everything is quite simple.

Simple operation but requires skill, speed and dexterity

Most importantly is the ability to dodge, dodge bullets and move quickly to approach the enemy in the most skillful manner. The way Super Mario spins when he attacks, and the speed factor is a big difference in the gameplay of Super Fight M.

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The second difference, sometimes, Princess Peach shows up and tells you what to do through a dialog box. These little conversations make you focus and motivation you need to help Mario rescue the girl he loves.

Where the game really begins

Next, back to the story and the general background. After some time fighting small monsters, Mario will confront the boss. He has great size and strength, and easily hit Mario in the blink of an eye. When he woke up, Mario realized he was in an unfamiliar land.

Where you land is a completely different fantasy land, a bridge to help you meet a new friend and enter new situations. On the territory map that you have in hand, every land you go to (either way), there is also a powerful henchman of the boss. In each scene, you have one more powerful companion. That friend in turn hunts for special items, scoring for Mario and finally teaming up against the boss of each scene.

This also means that after a lot of scenes, you will have lots of friends. They may appear to fight, or sometimes just appear to cheer Mario up, or even help Mario collect items so he can focus on fighting. Anyway, these friends are an important part of Mario’s journey, they are all characters that have appeared in Mario games. In the final scene, when Mario confronts the final boss to rescue Princess Peach, all of his friends appear and fight together.

Mario is no longer alone, he has a lot of friends

Mario is now Super Mario, with many points of strength and skill. After being upgraded through battle rounds, he will become stronger, learning more new skills to confront powerful bosses.

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Not to mention around you are many friends standing shoulder to shoulder, ready to help you whenever you have problems. You have all in your hands including spirit, strength and support. Can you rescue Mario’s love?

Why does Super Fight M attract so many players?

Mario will in turn go through different lands on the territory map. Each place has its own characteristics, new story. The massive, diverse and extremely rich character lines in Super Fighter M are a huge attraction and really create a positive effect for the game, although the theme is not new. Mario’s friends, bosses, scenes, and upgraded shapes are all completely different. It can be said that this is a Mario game with the most heroes I have ever played.

The second attraction is graphics. With a Mario game on my phone like this, I have to use the word “admiration” to talk about graphics. Not only do you include a few classic scenes in the Mario game, you experience a lot of beautifully designed scenes. The landscape, the soil, the color scheme … everything around is new, detailed and sharp. And that is the effort of a dedicated design team.

Download Super Fighter M APK for Android

Roughly, this is a Mario game too, but now back with newer content, gameplay and graphics, more friends, and of course, it’s more interesting. It’s worth playing. Download Super Fight M APK to your Android phone via the link below.

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