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NameStory Me
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Story Me MOD APK is an interactive visual novel game from Whomor. You can choose, read and develop the story at your discretion.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Story Me
    1. Why do people like to read novels and like stories to go their way?
    2. An interactive novel game with a series of attractive and suggestive stories
    3. Let’s take a look at some stories in Story Me
    4. Story Me is also a novel “store” for any novel addict
  2. MOD APK version of Story Me
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Story Me MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Story Me

An interactive novel game where you will have the power to change the future.

Why do people like to read novels and like stories to go their way?

Anyone who reads novels has had this thought: “if it were me, I would not choose this girl”, “if I were you, I won’t go out at night with this guy”… “If” is the words that always come to mind every time I read a novel. At that time, there were also times when I put myself in the character’s situation and wondered if I were them, what would I do in that situation.

Because the stories in the novels (especially romance novels and horror genres) always pose a lot of situations that are intertwined, leading in succession so that the characters are always immersed in suffering. Many times, I wonder this because I feel angry for them, or because the situation is so good that I’m so curious about how I will behave in that role.

The situation, the character’s decisions, and what happens next have created a special attraction in the stories we still call novels. And if you’ve read and questioned the question that I just said, then maybe it’s time for you to play this special narrative game, Story Me.

An interactive novel game with a series of attractive and suggestive stories

I don’t know whether to call Story Me a game or an app anymore. It lies somewhere between these two concepts. This is an interactive game where you can read novels and change the story, make your own choices. The ending therefore will change too. Every small situation happens with the characters, you have the right to make a decision, the storyline will develop from there, and the end of the story is the ending you expect the most if you put yourself as one of the main characters. Each story seems to have many different endings after going through the endless maze of situations and choosing which is entirely up to you.

There are many stories in Story Me with all kinds of novels such as honor, romance, mythology, detective, adventure… Each name of the story has its curiosity, such as Dr. Vampire, Love or Money, Tokyo Crazy Museum, Gemini City, Stray Beast… I call this a mobile game because it’s exactly the usual narrative type: at the beginning of the story, you choose the character, the situation appears, there are 2 -3 choices are made, you choose and the story continues in that direction, and another situation comes… just like that we follow the novel and make things go in our way, then see where it goes.

The only action you need to do in the game is to touch the screen, select and read. The attraction of Story Me is the entertainment and integration the game brings: gently, naturally, and logically. The game is where you have the power to change the future yourself.

Let’s take a look at some stories in Story Me

For example, a horror novel called Tokyo Crazy Museum: a story about the main character suffering from a disease without a face, who visits a mysterious museum to find a cure for herself. But when she comes there, she discovers the mysterious power of the universes with the manager? And a series of mysterious things keep happening.

Or like the dangerous romance novel Love or Money about a guy who made a promise to his parents that he would return home if he could not find a marriage partner within 3 years. The deadline is coming. Secretly he participated in a matchmaking party. Without knowing that this is a dangerous game with a message that “If you don’t find your other half after leaving here, you will have to shoulder a huge debt that will stick around for the rest of your life”. The next part of the story is about love, lies, choosing between love and money… all wrapped up in the sparkling beauty of each girl and boy.

Story Me is also a novel “store” for any novel addict

It is not wrong to say that Story Me is an application. Because you can read any type of novel you like on it. Not just one but many novels you can read. Each progression of the story is shown with words and sometimes eye-catching illustrations. You are, exactly, reading a novel, not manipulating too much like playing a classic mobile game.

Both a game and an app, Story Me will truly be a source of emotions for anyone who has a love for novels and simple interactive games or just want to read novels but doesn’t like the usual endings and want everything to be the way they want it to be.

Besides, Fictif is a visual novel game you may love.

MOD APK version of Story Me

MOD feature

Unlimited Keys/Diamonds

Download Story Me MOD APK for Android

The game is easy to play and understand, anyone who has a passion for novels will love this game. The anime-style image is attractive. Moreover, the game is free to play. What are you waiting for? Download Story Me to play now!

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