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NameSticky Flip
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Sticky Flip APK is an arcade game from the famous publisher Voodoo. Voted as one of the “craziest” games on mobile, what did Sticky Flip do to get this unique title?

Introduce about Sticky Flip

Would you like to dance without falling to the floor with baby gummy?

I heard someone say that: Dare to be different often does not bring good results, but a few who are successful in making the difference will have their own path. I’m very interested in this sentence because if everyone is the same, life will not have its own colors and is no longer interesting.

That’s why I play this game. For those who do not know, the game is a complex world and recreates almost all the interesting things on this earth, even the weirdest and craziest ideas you could never dream of.

Now let’s see what this game has!

The different main character with the different idea 

When I first saw the game’s poster with a guy on a treadmill, with a soft-looking stick on his head, I didn’t understand what the hell the game was. Could this guy be the main character in the game?

But too weirdly, it’s so wrong. Sticky Flip’s main character is that weird baby pink gummy!

In the game, by touching the screen at the destination, you will help the Baby gummy come to the point of need. Your only task is trying to make Baby fall to get good momentum and then jump, stick to a certain surface, as long as it doesn’t fall to the floor.

You may think I’m joking, right? Feel free to deduce, but I just want to say that I’m telling the truth, not joking at all! The game is literally like a prank, guys. After a moment of surprise when I realized that the main character is this Baby gummy, I also accepted that fact and continued to enter the game with a very confused mood not knowing what the hell was going on. I jumped one step, two steps, three steps and started to realize that this prank actually has a lot of pitfalls and is harder to play than I imagined.

A game is quite interesting but very hard to play

First, Baby gummy is very heavy. It’s not just an adorable normal gummy. It’s probably more of a thick slime. It is extremely heavy to the point that when it jumped on top of a door, the door fell sideways. Then when it jumped on a bald young man, he also fell. Haha. At first, I found it cute and reasonable. But later, this heavyweight of Baby Gummy became obnoxious. For example, it may lie on the guy’s head, but if it stays there for too long before jumping to another place, he will suddenly turn sideways because it’s too heavy. And as a result, Baby gummy will also fall and touch the floor. Game over!

The second thing is that Baby gummy is really difficult to control. Because it has no bones and it cannot stand still, even with just touching the screen, it is extremely difficult for you to play it. If you want to bounce high, you have to choose when Baby falls back a bit to gain momentum. If you want to jump closer, just watch the opposite side. The cruel thing is that the later, the more and faster it shakes then you cannot follow it. And you will lose again.

Or even when you are a good gamer with the godly reaction speed of your fingers, you will also be mad at the Baby shaking all the way. The gameplay is just like that, but really hard to play.

Third, and also the most annoying thing is: Small objects that the Baby gummy need to touch on to have the momentum to continue jumping DO NOT always stay still. They could be an animal running back and forth, or a gymer engrossed in weightlifting, or a shaking guy. You have to watch for your Baby gummy and these small objects to meet each other, or else you cannot move. So crazy, right? Moreover, these objects move lightly at first for fun, but later you will see, they enthusiastically move and it’s harder to play, which can make you sigh helplessly and laugh at yourself.

Honestly, you will eventually lose. Haha! But I guess before getting to that failure, you’ve had enough moments of comfort, laughing with the simple but weird design of the main character and the situations like no other in the game.

Super-naughty graphics

It is crazy not only in the idea of making the game but also in visual design. A pretty classic 3D image on a monochrome background like in a photography studio will make you think about the seriousness of the game at first. But when you play, you will see that the “weirdness” of the game will make you laugh because the game is like a joke. This contrast has created crispy laughter for players.

The sound is nothing special, just a few gentle climaxes and non-word background music. The images and ideas plus the wild difficulties I mentioned above are the “money spots” of Sticky Flip.

Download Sticky Flip APK for Android

This game is really fun and extremely crazy. If you want to play without thinking too much about it, Sticky Flip is one of the best options!

Download Sticky Flip to go crazy with Baby gummy here!

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