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Stick Cricket Live APK + MOD (Perfect Hit, Auto Hit, Delay Shot, Indicate Direction, Speed Up Free Bag) v2.0.9

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NameStick Cricket Live
Package Namecom.sticksports.stickcricketlive
PublisherStick Sports Ltd
MOD FeaturesPerfect Hit, Auto Hit, Delay Shot, Indicate Direction, Speed Up Free Bag
RequiresAndroid 5.0

You know, there are a lot of baseball or Cricket games. But if you need a game where you can play live in real-time, one fight one, and you can also invite your Facebook friends to play with you in very easy gameplay. Then Stick Cricket Live MOD APK is a must-have choice.

Introduce about Stick Cricket Live

Compete with your friends in hot baseball games

Cricket, once you know how to play it, you will want to play it all the time

I first learned about Cricket when I was so young. At that time, I had no idea about it. I just found that it was a sport of many complicated things (ball, playing and polishing tools, etc.). And I miss Cricket time with my dad and brother beyond the schoolyard so much. But now it is just a good nostalgia. One day, I found a mobile game specializing in Cricket and received a rain of compliments, then I downloaded and played it right away. And well, it didn’t disappoint me.

Stick Cricket Live for Android

The main principle of Cricket is to hit the ball with the bat. In a real-time one-on-one PvP game like Stick Cricket Live, you’ll be fighting whoever you want, from friends to other online players, anytime, on your mobile. This is absolutely one of the fun and healthy activities during the epidemic season.

Easy to play but hard to win

In Stick Cricket Live, everything is simpler than other Cricket games. It’s more of a 1-to-1 mini-game. You just need to stand still, execute the ball with two simple controls on the screen. The goal is to try to hit the ball and send the ball as far as possible. But it takes a lot of practice to do this well. So, many people still say that Cricket brings a moment of lighthearted entertainment but also full of excitement. It’s not as active as football, not as violent as rugby, but not as quiet as Golf either. A sport in between, balancing everything. 

Everything seems easy? But once you play, then you will think differently.

The pace of cricket matches is fast in my opinion. To get the gameplay and take the initiative to hit the ball correctly, it may take the first few attempts to fail. But once you’ve mastered the principles of hitting the ball, you’ll be back in shape. If you practice diligently, you can gain an advantage over the opponent.

The difficulty is not only in the fast pace but also in the Live competition. You face the opponents and take turns hitting the ball. Whoever scores more points in a short time of a match will win.

Stick Cricket Live MOD by APKMODY

The third factor making this game difficult is that you will face another player on live. Not as predictable as the machine’s NPC, each person will have a different playstyle and strategy. You can’t cut the ground under somebody’s feet. It is because of this unpredictability that Stick Cricket Live has a strange attraction.

When you have a lot of accumulated points, you will be able to unlock a few interesting things. Like unlocking famous 3D cricket stadiums all over the world; unlocking new types of bats with many outstanding abilities to help you hit the ball better in the future; upgrading the bowler. Making tactical choices, from time to time, corresponding to the opponent you are about to fight, will bring you closer to victory.

Drink online and play some cricket?

If you don’t want to play with random online players, you can also invite your friends on Facebook to fight, and then show off your achievements on social networks. What’s better? On the weekends of this epidemic season, invite your friend to drink online, talk about life and do a few cricket games. Life is still beautiful hah?

Stick Cricket Live screenshot

Let me tell you one more good point of this game. You can customize the 3D baseball player’s name, appearance, and country of origin. The common point of these guys is that their faces are quite rough but look funny while their bodies are tall. Of course, when you enter the match, you can’t see anyone with anyone because the masks are covered. But the avatar in the corner of the screen and the character shape may be enough for you to enjoy the whole match.

MOD APK version of Stick Cricket Live

MOD features

  • Perfect Hit
  • Auto Hits
  • Delay Shot
  • Indicate Direction
  • Speed Up Free Bag

You use MENU MOD to enable/disable the MOD features.

Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK for Android

Let’s play a live 1v1 cricket game with friends or other online players! The gameplay is simple but hard to win. Space, sound, and colors are vibrant and full of energy. You will never disappoint with such a good game.

Invite your friends to do a few matches right away, guys.

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