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NameSteel And Flesh
Package Namecom.VS.SteelAndFlesh
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Steel And Flesh MOD APK is an action RPG from VirtualStudio. Using the theme of empire, Steel And Flesh brings a medieval war strategy experience on attractive 3D graphics for all players.

Introduce about Steel And Flesh

Build your own empire!

Empire strategy game thought old but never ceased to be attractive

In the Middle Ages, when the territories were not clear, the lords constantly competed for land, expanding the territory and sending the people into constant battles. This period also played a huge role in redefining the concepts of war, technology, tactical thinking, and the ability to dominate a good leader. Thereby redrawing the boundaries of nations/kingdoms and laying the foundation for the world we know today.

Therefore, the topic of medieval war always has a special attraction in many areas like movies, novels, and games. Especially with the game, where players can participate part in big battles and play an important role in “rewriting world history”, it has become one of the topics that many developers are interested in.

If you’re looking for a medieval war strategy game to try out, or if you’ve experienced it and now want to play something different than what you already know, then you should try Steel And Flesh.


Steel And Flesh take players to a rather dark and confusing setting. You may have seen the Three Kingdoms show the meaning and felt confused because of the military forces in it, or many times had to turn up the summary table to recall the factions in Games of Thrones. With Steel And Flesh, you will need a lot of time to digest all the information about the 12 major clans in this game.

These 12 clans are Roman Empire, Russia, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, Vikings, England, France, Germany, Poland, Song Emperor, Pirates, Rebels. All are fighting fiercely to gain territories. Everyone has the ambition to protect what they have and collect as much as possible. Farther is the ambition to unify the whole world, to become the only powerful empire that dominates the vast land of this period.

The entire Steel And Flesh will be a series of medieval wars reproduced in interesting 3D graphics. In that long war, only the powerful and capable can win.


Steel And Flesh combine a medieval war strategy game and an action role-playing game. All of them take place in the background of quite realistic 3D graphics. Although there are still many features that are a bit rough and do not properly describe the tension of the battlefield of this period, overall, Steel And Flesh is still a very worth playing strategy game.

Your mission in Steel And Flesh is to lead your army to survive and win heroically in the struggle for power and territory of 12 clans. The territory you are mastering will become a powerful empire or just a name that soon blooms and fades, it all depends on your talent in commanding the generals and your talented war tactics.

After choosing a clan and starting to have your own army, you will immediately go to the map to observe the situation. Going into each map, going into each battle, you will be in the big cities, fighting the enemy armies next to the famous buildings of the Middle Ages.

In Steel And Flesh, there are both land and island wars. To prepare for these increasingly large wars, you must quickly build up your army and zone your territory as quickly as possible. Along with counterattacking the unexpected invasions of the enemy, you also have to constantly strengthen your forces to prepare to attack new potential lands.

Steel And Flesh’s strategies are also reflected in its diplomatic strategies. Of the 12 clans fighting each other, you will need allies, with them to stand side by side to engage in bigger battles with powerful opponents.

And finally, being an ally is not necessarily a friend. You also need to always be careful with your partners. It is necessary to be alert and wise to seize every opportunity to become the king of your own family, gain new lands and expand the territory as quickly as possible.

MOD APK version of Steel And Flesh

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy even you don’t have money.

Download Steel And Flesh APK & MOD for Android

In short, Steel And Flesh is an attractive empire-themed 3D strategy game with a worldwide map and many battles in that you can show your tactical talent. Are you ready to build your empire in Steel And Flesh yet?

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