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NameStealth Master
Package Namecom.stealthgame.master
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline
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Stealth Master MOD APK is an action game from Saygames. In the game, you transform into a face masked guy trying to sneak into key courts equipped with tight security systems. Are you a superhero or an intruder? I just call you Ninja.

Introduce about Stealth Master

Assassin Ninja Game

Ninja themes are not strange in movies but quite rare on mobile games

There are many legends and stories about Ninja and the shocking secret missions they made. But after all, Ninja always has secrets… always like a mystery.

Perhaps that is why “assassin Ninja” was chosen as the main theme for this fascinating game. You can choose one of 4 Ninja shapes and you are in turn assigned different dangerous and difficult missions. Of course, the goal is to complete the task, and how to handle everything depends on the player’s bravery.

The gameplay is simple, but the missions are difficult and dramatic

Stealth Master’s control mechanism is simple and flexible: just touch the hand on the screen to move the character.

In the Ninja’s action area, there will be a lot of cameras, CCTV, or strong guards. So, if you act like an ordinary assassin, you will be immediately discovered. But if you are a Ninja, it is different. The ninja can incarnate and have enough skills and weapons to do this, sometimes in a very manual but neat and efficient way.

The missions will go from easy to difficult. And once you go to a certain level, the missions become extremely difficult and sometimes bloody. Bad guys appear constantly, attack quickly and aggressively, sometimes also causing Ninja a lot of effort to defeat.

What is the motivation for the Ninja?

But in return, the motivation for us is that Ninja can upgrade their skills and weapons on the way. You can even combine two skills, two different weapons into one to increase the damage. And there are poisonous weapons that can destroy many enemies on a large scale.

Another interesting thing about Stealth Master is that the playing levels are not called Lev as usual anymore but in the form of contracts. With each contract completed, you will earn money, bonus points, and items.

These three things are:

  • Money: for each successful mission you will be rewarded correspondingly to the difficulty. Money is used to buy new weapons, equipment, and new clothes.
  • Accumulated points: This point is always available when destroying large and small enemies. If big bosses or small bosses are killed, the more points you will get. Earning points will allow you to upgrade everything for yourself. If you want, you can unlock a new “appearance” to transform into another heroic character.
  • Collect keys: There are some scenes where a mysterious door will appear. So don’t ignore any keys along the way. They can lead you to many wonderful secrets and treasures.

This contract may be related to and contain a lot of decryption information for other contracts and vice versa. So, your task is not simply to do the assigned work but also to string everything together to finally find the true “boss” of the game. And of course, this boss is very unpredictable, difficult to destroy. You need to gather all the top skills and the heaviest weapons to kill him.

Whether to win or not depends on fate.

Music and graphics

Everything in the Stealth Master is quite dark and intense. That taut atmosphere was made up of the perfect combination of strange graphics and startling sounds. Every footstep, breath, and whisper, or dropped object is very detailed to the point of startling you because the sounds seem so lively.

The graphics in Stealth Master are not bright ones that everyone must watch. On the contrary, it is quite dark, it makes people somewhat scared but immersed in full of extreme curiosity and excitement. The real protagonist Ninja also made me confused, not knowing whether the protagonist I played was a bad or good guy.

MOD APK version of Stealth Master

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

How to use?

You can use the money even if you don’t have enough.

Download Stealth Master MOD APK for Android

In Stealth Master, the missions set up for us are somewhat bizarre such as breaking into a high-rise building and stealing an important document, or assassinating the head of the security department to cause a commotion … Anyway, this is just a game, so don’t think too much. 

Just play and try to show off all your Ninja skills as the feeling of excitement and entertainment is the core of every game! Download Stealth Master to play right here!

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