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NameStair Run
Package Namecom.isl.stairrun
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
Can play offline

If you are looking for a simple but fun arcade game, Stair Run MOD APK (No Ads) is an option you should try. Download the game via the link we set below the article.

Introduce about Stair Run

VOODOO has long been known as an extremely innovative mobile game publisher with many famous games. This time is an extremely new obstacle course game. Instead of jumping or moving through obstacles, you have to build stairs to cross and finish.


Your mission in Stair Run is to move on the colorful path, collect bricks on the way into a basket on your back and use them to build stairs over the obstacles.

Don’t be afraid of being heavy or the basket is too small, your goal is to collect as many bricks as possible. The more bricks, the higher they are piled up in the basket. The main character is very strong, he can carry an unlimited number of bricks.

As a fun arcade game, the controls of Stair Run are not too complicated. You just need to touch the screen to start playing, long press on the screen to build stairs to overcome obstacles. Games of Voodoo’s gameplay are always like that. Easy to understand, easy to play but not easy to win.

Overcome obstacles, reach the finish line to receive rewards

The obstacles in Stair Run are mostly red. So it is best to avoid all that red. It consists of high and low mountains, skyscrapers or nail rugs. If you hit them, you will be pushed back and drop some bricks. If the number of bricks is exhausted and you fail to overcome the obstacle, you lose.

However, obstacles do not necessarily hinder players. Sometimes it’s just the chasm that if you fall, how many bricks you have is meaningless. This means that you always have to build a staircase high enough to cross the abyss.

In addition, on the way, there are also useful items such as coins, spring mattress to help you jump over obstacles without building stairs. When you pass all the obstacles and reach the finish line, the remaining bricks help you climb the respective high steps. It is the multiplier corresponding to the amount of money you earn. If you reach the top of the tower, you get a treasure chest with more gold coins.

Some tips you may need

Voodoo’s games are always simple and entertaining for players. But sometimes it is so hard that it makes players angry. So some of the following suggestions will help you play the game more gently without affecting the value of the game.

  • Don’t just take the easiest road. You can see the roads above with more bricks and fewer obstacles. There are even more gold coins appearing.
  • Don’t build continuously. Once built, your character will jump forward a little. Therefore, please build interruptedly and then continue to build. That way you can “cheat” a bit of space and save bricks.
  • You can completely build stairs in the air. Just have enough bricks. Let’s ignore the usual principles of physics!
  • And the most important thing is to timing correctly so that your character picks up the most bricks and don’t let you accidentally touch the obstacle and drop some bricks.


Like many other Voodoo games, the game’s graphics are not too outstanding. Your character is just a colorful dummy. The details are just simple shapes with eye-catching colors.

Even the physical element is sometimes contrary to reality. You can build stairs in the air or as endless stairs without brackets. However, it is not necessary to be true to reality to bring joy. Relax, fun sometimes comes from the simplest of things!

MOD APK version of Stair Run

MOD feature

No Ads: VOODOO’s games have quite a lot of ads. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can use our MOD APK version.

Download Stair Run MOD APK for Android

In general, Stair Run is similar to other casual games of Voodoo. Even gold coins are just rewards and there is no upgrade or unlock system. The main purpose of the game is to help players relieve stress and relieve stress and fatigue. Not so prominent, but I believe you will need it at some point in your weekend.

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