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Spyjinx APK was first introduced by Epic Games in 2015 and promises to release a beta version a year later. But in the end, this project has delayed for 5 years. At the time you read this article, you can download and experience it!

Introduce about Spyjinx

Spyjinx is the product of a collaboration between Epic Games and Bad Robot Games. Taken as a whole, it takes the gameplay of two types of action and strategy. Graphic style beautiful and smooth, inherited from the famous survival game, Fortnite. Perhaps, this does not need me to mention that you can also easily recognize through the screenshots in the article. So, during these 5 years of silence, what have they done to Spyjinx? We will answer this question in the sections below!


For strategy games, the gameplay is the main part to create a great experience for the player. But before you talk about gameplay, you need to know who you are? What do you need to do? And what you will face capturing the ideas that developers are bringing to their players.

Spyjinx gameplay

Spyjinx refers to a new concept, which is Masterminds. It refers to the talented people participating in a game of intelligence when trying to build a team of agents to carry out the theft of valuable property. The last man standing in the game will rule the world.

For a Masterminds (you are also a Masterminds), you have two things to pay attention to, defend and attack. For defense, the base needs to be built in a secret location. Then, place your traps and security forces in a dangerous position to block the intruders. This is part of the tactical element of this game because if your base is shut down by enemies, they take all your assets and kills all the talented agents trained by you. Don’t be a disastrous Masterminds.

On the offensive side, just like other strategy games. You will have to put your agents into the enemy’s base, find ways to eliminate the dangers, bypass the opponent’s security system to gain access to the vault. Or to put it another way, you run a spy group, try to steal what is valuable, and make other organizations dead from inside to develop your team into the strongest empire.

PvP modes

Spyjinx has a PvP game mode where you will compete directly with real-time players. In the process of finding shelter of other Masterminds, there will be cases where 8 players join in one location. You have to compete to lead to a duel and decide who will be the last to stay here. This creates unprecedented competition in the previous genre of tactics. So always develop your skills, devise a new strategy to conquer someone, while, don’t forget to improve the security of your base.

Sometimes, you will make mistakes and someone show he is really a Masterminds. But don’t worry, Spyjinx always gives people the opportunity to fix mistakes. You can still take revenge or search for another target to continue the game, based on what is left (the characters).

To assess what a good Masterminds are, the developer has added the ranking feature. It writes the best Mastermind on the global ranking. For every break-in and successful hack to steal money, you will earn points for ranking. More or fewer points you get depends on the tactics and the amount of value you have earned.

Train your agent

Strength is not everything, but without power, you cannot be the winner. Spyjinx has elements of role-playing games, you can develop your characters to give them better abilities.

Each of your agents plays an important role when performing the task. Determine your plan first, then select the three members that best fit. Some agents are powerful but only capable of close combat. Other agents may use guns, which can attack enemies at greater distances. Others are more agile, can sneak through an area or reduce the attention of enemies. All have been divided class explicitly. Your job is just to combine their skills, so they will fight as a team to accomplish your goals.

As for the role-playing elements that I mentioned earlier, each character has a biography, combat skills and personal stats including Jinx (from one to three stars), Health, Damage and Ranged. They can be upgraded to increase the level of character perfection.

Build your base

At the beginning of the game, you are given the default system for a base. However, if you are not satisfied, you can make money to buy another base. It can be located underground, an island in the middle of the sea or on the roof of a tall building.

The terrain of each place is different. You will have to rely on that to divide the work of the security forces into different areas, setting pitfalls to create the highest security.


Spyjinx is influenced by Fortnite, including the character’s graphic style and shape design. They carry a bright, vivid color, while the characters all have an expression that you can clearly feel.

Many people said that their experience is very good with beautiful graphics of this game. It is also optimized to work smoothly on Android devices with no powerful configuration.


If you have a chance to experience Spyjinx, maybe you will write a longer review than what you are reading, along with a 5-star rating to let people know how much fun this game is. After all, Epic Games fans have also received a worthy response after 5 years of waiting. I feel satisfied with this game, and you?

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