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Spiritwish APK is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) game produced by NEXON company. NEXON, which is known for popular PC games like Counter-Strike Online, has now joined on the mobile game market, promising to bring many interesting things to the users. And first, let’s find out with APKMody about NEXON’s most awaited game this year!

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Spiritwish was launched in early October 2018 with only 1 sever in Korea. Since launching the first trailer, this game has received a lot of attention from the gaming community because of the PR capabilities as well as the resonance of NEXON. Not to disappoint the player, only a year later, the game attracted a large number of domestic players and officially released the global version. The proof is that recently, the game developer has officially opened the new server in 3 countries including Philippines, Canada and Malaysia.

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Basically, Spiritwish has a story that is not too prominent compared to other role-playing games. You will play the role of explorers, excavating new lands to answer the questions surrounding human curiosity. Besides, you also have to fight against the enemy forces always lurking, mainly hordes of monsters outside the land you live in or maybe bandits on the road. After all, they all want to kill you, so be alert.

However, Spiritwish’s remarkable thing is not in the plot but much in its gameplay. On your journey, you are not alone because players can recruit an army of 3 outstanding members to accompany on the adventure. The interesting thing is that the heroes have different systems and skills. You are free to decide to use them when fighting the enemy. Character attributes always interact with each other, allowing players to discover the strongest squads that can be used. Besides, having to control all 3 characters at the same time requires players with good calculation skills to make decisions that best suit the situation. Accordingly, NEXON wants to direct the player to the ability to control, arrange the team rather than the skill that the player use on one character.


Like other MMORPGs, in Spiritwish, players will receive a few basic tasks at the beginning of the game, mainly to guide all the game features. After completing the basic tasks, you will receive higher difficulty tasks directly related to the plot and your squad strength. Try to complete the tasks as much as possible to earn exp and significant items to help you become the best warrior.

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If you think quests that are too easy to complete, try going to Onkalo Dungeon and forming a team of 9 players. You will definitely have to sweat!

Other features

PvP combat: As an online game, PvP combat features are indispensable. In addition to fighting with the boss, you can completely challenge other players across the server to win higher rankings. This has great meaning, helps players not get bored while playing games, and also help both players and games develop.

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Guild War: “Where there is unity there is always victory“. This is even truer in a real-time role-playing game like Spiritwish. Set up a team of close friends to participate in challenges and win interesting rewards for the whole team.


Talking a little bit about the visuals, Spiritwish is designed graphic in the direction of chibi anime. The characters in the game all look good, cute. The game mainly explores the gameplay and strategy so skill effects are also relatively well invested. But overall, there are not too many breakthroughs. If I evaluate the game image on a 10-point scale, I will give a 7.5 point, which is pretty good.

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Download Spiritwish APK for Android

At a time when MMORPGs are gradually being saturated with global trends, Spiritwish still retains a unique feature in his gameplay. General, NEXON games have never let us down. Why not download this game right to your phone today?

Spiritwish APK v1.3.36

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