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NameSpecimen Zero
Package Namecom.specimen.zero.horror.survival
PublisherCafé Studio
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 4.4

You wake up in a strange place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something happened in that strange place, something unusual… something dangerous. You must find a way to escape. Because here, you will only find death.

Explore a vast dark area: secret buildings, horrific hospitals, mysterious laboratories and creepy rooms that give you goosebumps.

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items to escape that scary place and scary monsters.

Don’t be loud and be careful as monsters may see or hear you! It will kill anyone who gets in its way!

Escape with your friends in online multiplayer mode!

If you like scary adventure escape experience, Specimen Zero – Online Horror Game is for you!


  • To connect with friends, make sure you both use the same version of the game and select the same region in the multiplayer menu.
  • It is recommended to wear headphones to play.

Download Specimen Zero Free Shopping APK & MOD for Android

Explore a massive map filled with creepy locations, like secret structures, an abandoned hospital, mysterious labs, and more. You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you want to get out alive. Collect items and solve the puzzles that stand in the way between you and freedom.

Advertisement Specimen Zero is a first-person horror game that transports you to a really sinister place. You won’t know how you got trapped in this strange and dark building, but something tells you that you’re not alone so, you must try to gather all the objects and clues as possible that will take you to the exit. Specimen Zero has 3D graphics and a moving camera that will help you see every part of the scenes. Just slide your finger on your Android screen to easily rotate the view. There is also a joystick on the left with which you can move your character in any direction around the space. On the right of the interface are action buttons, with which you can turn on the flashlight or crouch. There will be many times when you will need your flashlight to be able to detect certain hidden objects. However, you must be careful with any movement you make, so the evil being who guards the building doesn’t catch you. Specimen Zero has well-developed visuals that are capable of fully immersing you in each of this story’s scenes. What’s more, you can increase the thrill if you use headphones, as you will feel the sound effects a lot closer. Escaping this place won’t be an easy task. If you want to defeat evil, it will be essential to prove your subtlety with each step you take on the splintered wooden floor.

You open your eyes to an unfamiliar setting. Where is this place? The last thing you remember before everything turned black was the abduction. Now you’re in a strange place; it’s dark and foreboding, and you can feel danger, too. Gather yourself up and find a way out of this waking nightmare when you play Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror on PC with BlueStacks. Who knows what fate awaits you if you don’t.

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