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In Space Marshals 3 MOD APK (Unlocked All), you will accompany Burton on extremely dangerous missions. Are you ready to fight?

Introduce about Space Marshals 3

Space Marshals 3 is the third part of the Space Marshals series by Pixelbite. The game features top-down view action gameplay, developed based on a space crime fantasy theme. The main character is Burton, a former commander of the space task force. Because of a small mistake, he was banished from the force. But not so that Burton gave up. He is always trying to enforce justice to preserve the peace of the whole universe.


Space Marshals 3 continues the story from the previous two seasons, Burton and Dixon continue their journey of adventure in space. On one occasion, they found a small ship. It appears to be damaged, Dixon tries to break the outer glass to break into the ship and look for valuables. However, he did not know that this action posed a potential danger. His attempt to creat a way to sneak inside the ship gave a stranger who was stranded on the train a chance to escape.

Space Marshals 3 gameplay

Dixon has also been kidnapped by him and has been missing ever since. Burton tried to find his friend. At the same time, he discovered that the stranger was the boss of a criminal gang that disappeared many years ago. What will Burton do to save Dixon and kill those space criminals?

Travel to space and find his friend

Space Marshals 3 has a deep story to explore. However, you can play without any prior knowledge or experience. I have mentioned the context of the game, based on the events that happened, you will go on a journey around your galaxy to find and rescue your friend – Dixon.

Space Marshals 3 for android

In the process, you will have access to a lot of crime bases. The system will give you a pistol so you can protect yourself when performing the first mission. Of course, during the game, you can pick up new weapons and equipment. They are scattered in areas of the base.

The content of Space Marshals 3 is broken down into 12 chapters. However, they are sold in the store and you will have to pay to play. Pixelbite offers several levels of trial play. You can experience and decide to buy all the content later.

The fierce battles in space

To be able to play well in Space Marshals 3, you need to master your character, while always setting up and changing tactics based on terrain and enemies.

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The enemies are organized in a fairly professional manner. The map and its elements can be of great help if you know how to use it. For example, fuel tanks or grenades are pre-installed, you can activate to create a large explosion that damages enemies nearby, or simply destroy the dense iron door to enter a new area.

In addition, the game also has a variety of weapons and vehicles. Smoke grenades, stun grenades, guns, traps, lasers, … The enemy is quite sophisticated. Therefore, you will have to act smart to resolve them more quickly. Examples include installing silencers to make no noise when you attack someone or sneaking into gun turrets to use weapons with more powerful firepower.

Explore new areas

The content of Space Marshals 3 is designed quite a in detail. The map and the context of the game are constantly changing. It gives players a fresh feeling, but also a lot of challenges.

For each setting, the player will play in a different, even harsher, environment. The enemies also increased accordingly. Now, they are not limited to just traps or mercenaries anymore. The bases add to the presence of hordes of destructive robots and deadly traps.

MOD APK version of Space Marshals 3

MOD features

  • Mission Unlocked
  • Equipment Unlocked
  • Unlimited Ammo

Download Space Marshals 3 MOD APK for Android

A month ago, Pixelbite actively communicated and announced the test content of Space Marshals 3. Many gamers have reported that they are excited and looking forward to experiencing this game. Now, Space Marshals 3 is ready for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can also consider if you want to experience the game for free in our MOD APK version.

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