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Soul Knight Prequel APK is the impressive sequel to Soul Knight. It is even more appreciated in terms of story and richness, and the role-playing gameplay requires a lot of creative and skillful combinations from players to win.

Introduce about Soul Knight Prequel

Fight and discover secrets of magic land in Soul Knight Universe!

Not every sequel from a popular original game is equally successful. But there are also cases, the sequel has many differences, creates a color of its own, and is appreciated, equal to, or sometimes more than the first. Such is the case with the Soul Knight Prequel.


Continuing the story of part 1, in this prequel, you are a brave Knight, carrying on shoulders the responsibility of building the Knights’ Guild to work together against the hordes of monsters and bring peace to the Soul Knight continent.

The context has set a requirement that players need to collect different character classes to take advantage of the power to defeat monsters. A series of wars will take place on the journey to find the comrades of the Knight Order and establish peace for the whole world.

Soul Knight Prequel is an outstanding sequel, with its own identity

Soul Knight Prequel is the sequel to the popular mobile top-down RPG Soul Knight. In this return, the biggest difference is that players will experience a more action-oriented combat role-playing game than a long-range shooter like the first part.

The feeling and inspiration when playing are therefore completely different. Although the context is similar to the previous part, the familiar pixel art graphic style and character creation have not changed much, but the new gameplay and fighting style has made Soul Knight Prequel like a new breeze for fans of this series of games.

You will also be able to collect different equipment and weapons, from which the fighting style also changes accordingly to create different effects on the battlefield. The more achievements you get, the more opportunities you have to open up new classes with different unique skills to diversify your options and create more unique battles.

Maintaining the top-down perspective creates funny scenes in which characters like dwarf move around on the map of the context. The bosses of Soul Knight Prequel look cute, but they’re very dangerous and unpredictable. Being quiet and healing, one shot can spread all around so you can’t turn back. You need to use both your ingenuity, agility, and judgment to pass the levels.

Soul Knight Prequel also has a big difference when it comes to providing a massive weapon collection to suffocate. Currently, players can use a total of nearly 300 different weapons for all character classes. Each weapon will have its own color corresponding to its rarity and strength. White is normal, Blue is good, Blue is excellent, Purple is rare and Orange is very rare, Red is a legendary weapon with tremendous destructive power.

Each item has its own advantages and uses, and combined with each class’s fighting style will result in strange combinations for the character you’re controlling.

Mixing and Matching are the core

Because it is more about exploring, fighting, and receiving rewards, Soul Knight Prequel is considered to have more depth and better express the development and strengthening process of the character. The appearance of different classes to build the Knights Guild is also an interesting element of this game. Because not only brings a richer sense of diversity during the battle transition, but even when you recklessly combine multiple character classes, the power can increase dramatically, creating shining attacks on the screen.

During the process of collecting heroes, you can also customize and upgrade them by adding new skills or adding weapons for the respective class.

It can be said that Mixing, Combining items, character classes and Upgrading heroes is the core that brings attractiveness to this game.

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In short, Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel art top-down role-playing combat game focusing on Mix and Match elements, In case you are looking for a fun, lovely, speed fighting RPG game with a variety of styles, Soul Knight Prequel is exactly for you.

Currently, Soul Knight Prequel has not been released yet. You can follow the latest game information on TapTap.

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