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NameSoccer Super Star
PublisherReal Freestyle Soccer
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rewind

Soccer Super Star MOD APK is a soccer game that gives players a fairly new playing experience. Let’s see the cool transitions of this game.

Introduce about Soccer Super Star

Soccer is a topic that is both easy and difficult to do in the game. It’s easy because anyone can understand and play a soccer game right away, just a game’s difference is enough to attract a large number of users. It’s difficult as there are too many games like this, making a unique attraction is quite challenging.

Within the same topic, there are many approaches: football games, football management games, football coaching games, or a combination of soccer and racing games. Only in the segment of traditional football games, they are divided into many different groups in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Soccer Super Star has an extremely easy gameplay 

Nowadays, if you are looking for a simple football game that has 2D graphics combined with vivid 3D and the easiest way to play compared to all modern football games on the mobile platform, Soccer Super Star will be your best choice.

Soccer Super Star was born from the idea of ​​​​how to play soccer in the fastest way, without having to practice in too many harsh pieces of training, and how anyone can easily play just by touching and dragging on mobile. The manufacturer has brought a true arcade action game about soccer. The gameplay of Soccer Super Star is extremely simple. With each ball to pass, you just need to touch the arrow that appears where the ball is located and drag the arrow to the new position. Very simple! The ball will automatically fly to that position without targeting or doing any other sophisticated manipulations.

Whether it’s a normal pass, a shot to the goal, or a free kick, they are all done by the same principle and operation.

Sounds simple right? But It is true for the first 1st or 2nd level only.

What awaits you in higher levels?

At the next levels, you will witness the “rise” of other forces on the football pitch: the opponent’s players are more elite, the goalkeeper is smarter, and may catch your tactic as fast as lightning. Even penalties are no longer easy to get. The opponent’s defense is very strong and can seize the ball at any time, even when you think you already get the goal.

Moreover, the opponent’s squad will be extremely methodical and strategic. They are no longer just a bunch of young and naive players. Dividing positions, spreading the squad, attacking and defending properly, what your team is doing, the other side is doing the same, even more fluently.

At this point, just a ball pass has become much more difficult. You can neither pass the ball directly to someone nor shoot the opponent alone anymore. You need to divide the defense and attack, receive and pass the ball everywhere. The ball passes also need to be more complicated than before. 

In the next level, to get the ball into the goal, you need to carefully consider all aspects. The opponent’s goalkeeper can now lean, roll, and crawl by all kinds to catch the ball. You can only overcome him with professional playing techniques including the top phases.

However, it’s not easy to play. You must be upgraded and find yourself those special techniques to survive. In Soccer Super Star, the upgrade mode is quite neat and simple: if you accumulate enough points, you will automatically upgrade all in terms of appearance, shapes, equipment, and skills. You can choose to upgrade but not much, most of them are automatic. Fortunately, these upgrade sets are perfectly matched and correspond to the difficulty of each scene. So, rest assured that if you play with concentration, you will be rewarded.

Progressive factor and High level of personalization

The progressive factor is shown that the players themselves and their surrounding teammates and opponents are all developing. If you get an upgrade, everyone is being upgraded too. And as a result, the matches on the pitch take place extremely evenly between the two teams. The difficulty level of the game is gradually increased through the scenes, which is what I am extremely “thankful” to the manufacturer. In fact, in other games, sometimes when I was at just 1st level, my opponents reached 2nd, 3rd level, or vice versa, which made me very inhibited.

The personalization element in Soccer Super Star is that you just need to focus on your single-player character all the time and no need to pay attention to your surroundings. Since it’s all about progressing, just do your best work, and automatically things will escalate. In the game, you can freely swing horizontally and vertically, you can experiment with all kinds of passes, or the most unpredictable climax ball dribble that can only be imagined in your head. You are a professional star player, everything revolves around you, so feel free to do your best.

Graphics and sound in Soccer Super Star

The graphics of the Soccer Super Star are a harmonious combination of 3D and 2D. They use the 3D perspective for transitions or intros before each match and 2D for everything that happens on the field, with a top-down perspective. This “delicious” combo helps the game itself have its own appeal and variety. At the same time, it still ensures the most focused and complete experience for players, regardless of age.

The sound, in my opinion, is similar to other football games today. It both depicts the liveliness and “blood” on the pitch through the cheers. The sound when the feet touch the ball is very sexy and the voices of the players are very “hot”. Honestly, the sound is a “very good spice” of this game.

This game has gameplay very similar to Score! Hero 2.

MOD APK version of Soccer Super Star

MOD feature

Unlimited Rewind: Unlimited rewind of missed shots.

Download Soccer Super Star MOD APK for Android

This football game is gradually difficult, never boring. Importantly, the gameplay is very simple, anyone can play, anyone can become a soccer star. What an attractive football game! What are you waiting for? Download it right away and experience what I say!

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