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Soccer Battle APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) v1.42.3

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NameSoccer Battle
PublisherDoubleTap Software
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Soccer Battle MOD APK is a football game from the publisher DoubleTap Software, including real-time 3v3 matches. Team up, challenge and kick the ball with your teammates. This game is really a sports game with extremely high teamwork at present. If you have a lot of time at home, let’s invite your friends to play together.

Introduce about Soccer Battle

A fun 3v3 real-time football game for Android.


Soccer Battle has a lot of matches, each match is quickly finished in just 3 minutes or less. Score enough goals, you will in turn open new matches to continue to play.

All this exciting football game takes place in online mode. You will set a team with your friends to form a team of 3 and play against the 3-player team of other online players. Within 3 minutes, the team that scores more goals will be the winner.

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The way to control the player on the field is very simple, Move the player’s running direction with one finger in the directions on the left simulator button, kick the ball or steal the ball from your team by moving one finger to the right corner of the screen.

Each match depends on the initial settings, your task with the number of goals to be scored will change accordingly. And each player will have a different way of dribbling and scoring skills. That’s why we say Soccer Battle is one of the few modern football games that emphasize complementarity and teamwork.

Techniques to pay attention to when playing Soccer Battle

Because the focus is so much on the team, so the first important Soccer Battle is the passing technique. By constantly moving on the pitch, circling forward, back, following the ball, and providing speed to your teammates, you need to keep the ball for yourself and pass the other members of the team as seamlessly as possible until the ball is close to your goal. When within 16m50, there will be a white ball path symbol in the form of a straight line connecting the ball to the goal.

You will rely on this to align the direction of the ball so that it is correct and perfect. There is a small note from personal experience: when the ball is found to be too long, it is best to pass it to a teammate closer to the goal so that he can put the ball into the goal. Because the kicking power of the player characters in this game is only average, if you go a long way to the ball, the ball will hover right in front of the goal.

Soccer Battle MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

When playing this game, you will realize the importance of passing coordination and teamwork. That is something that any sport has, especially football (and in fact up to 11 people on a team, so the level of cohesion and understanding of the players on the same team is even more complicated and necessary in this game).

Another interesting point in Soccer Battle is that when you get enough points, you will be able to unlock other games in the game. And you will see that the game has not only football but also basketball, tennis, rugby… All are competitive, highly coordinated sports, which are full of excitement.

Graphics and sound

This simple game does not have a goalkeeper, on the pitch, there are only 6 players (3 people on each team) and 6 outside observers, and thousands of spectators in the stands. You will play with a top-down view, automatically moving according to the position of the ball. Each player is shown the corresponding name on top. The character you are choosing will be marked with a white circle at the foot, the remaining two people on the team are blue circles, and the opponent is 3 red circles.

Besides, the player’s shape is simple, not too complicated, but still recognizes the inherent characteristics of each person. The general color tone of Soccer Battle is bright, energetic, and very suitable for the brief combat atmosphere in each match.

Soccer Battle for Android 1440x810

The sound in the game is unique. The occasional commentator’s voice will stimulate your heart and brain. So amazing! The sound of kicking the ball, cheers from the stands, the effect of fireworks, and the fire of joy when you shoot into the net… these things are small, there is no great technology, but when combined, it gives a very emotional feeling. It feels like you are finding a part of an old game but being played in a new form, on your modern mobile.

MOD APK version of Soccer Battle

MOD features

  • Unlimited Cash/Gold
  • Players Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked


You can use Cash/Gold to buy anything in the Store, even your quantity is negative. Must complete the task to score 3 goals then the MOD will work.

Download Soccer Battle MOD APK for Android

Soccer Battle is an exciting football game for Android, where you can play your team with an attractive and dramatic opponent team. Play this game with friends to relaxing this quarantine weekend is so great.

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